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if they are managing to close down but can still afford to raise 5 kids without working i don't think they can be said to have been doing badly
yeah its a fairly middle market uk brand, ok quality
surely there is no contest here- the latter is a more premium product in every sense no??
look like cool shorts and a crazy company - if you live in greenland you get free shipping, now thats a crazy deal
I use an "invisible" anti-prespirant to stop this, never noticed a problem while using it
I can't wear a belt with my canes because it would cover up the insane snakeskin patch
oh cool, i hadn;t seen any on rakuten before- i didn't know they were availible from there
do prices include shipping? - what about international shipping? tyvm
small probably
PBJ seem to fit better than any other jeans i've ever seen- but they're only availble though big which hoses international buyers
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