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Quote: Originally Posted by PeasantLLC good morning, i will email you an invoice--right now our site just emails a confirmation but that is changing. there is a pop-up in the upper left corner of the screen that shows your shopping cart and totals (in august our site changes will be completed). If you would like to add to your order we can ship everything in one package to save freight. Thank you for the feedback and support. ^^ This...
Just ordered that EG workshirt in small . As a suggestion could we get a final "confirmation" page showing how much everyhting costs before we charge a card. I used the free shipping cupon but obviously that won't have been applied, had i know that i would probably have ordered something else in the same transaction to save on shipping. Not getting the exact price yo've been charged in your kind of strange
EG is hard to find in many places in quantity though, Peasent has as good a selection as any retail storre i've seen thus far (though to be fair there arn't that many ertail store here in the uk)
Quote: Originally Posted by auto90403 I'm definitely not fashion forward the way some SFers are. But I do care how I dress. look just shutup- please? You clearly have no idea what your talking about. I would say barbour are considered a highly respected and timeless label. If you "care about how you dress" you would do some research into the company , its background and philosophy and its style before mouthing off
isn't the point of socks that you always buy the same type so you don;t get left with a load of odd ones at the end of the week? , regardless these do look nice - free bump
insane utterly insane. There no way i could pull that off but there are plenty that could and will look stunning come this summer
I'm starting at law school next year (Cambridge-->St Catz) - though in the UK law is an undergraduate degree. University in the US with no legal drinking and the inability to study the subject i was interested in would majorly duck
only in japan
Quote: Originally Posted by A Harris Um: You are going to have to explain how the fact that the seller clearly specified in the auction terms that, if the buyer chose not to pay for insurance (despite the fact that insurance was "highly recommended") that the "Seller is not responsible for uninsured items." Perhaps legally that does not constitute an agreement. But you are going to have to explain how it does not constitute an agreement for it to be...
The people syang that merley offering insurance is not enough to disclaim you liability are probably correct. I understand your argument but as the seller its ultimatley still your responsability to get the package there on time this poster has it down here: Quote: Why should the seller have to pay an additional fee to insure that the goods that he paid for and also picked up the tab for freight and handling? For me, that's an unsatisfying purchase...
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