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plain fred perry or proper fred perry made in england
guys i agree with everything your saying but can i draw you attention to the ruels and say STFU?? i think everyone is aware of the prices and the markup, stop shitting up the guys thread: Quote: Posting in someone else's thread to say the equivalent of "that's a ripoff, I saw those for less than that, blah blah" is not acceptable. Buyers here are very well informed and if it's not a good deal they won't buy it. They have a right to ask any price they want, even...
FCUK own the YMC label, and its now the one they put out anything high-ed on (even though its ostensably separate)
I would go eat at the fat duck restaurant and order so much expensive wine i died early
can't believe didn't see this, gutted. Awsome deals from kiya there, very well done
Quote: Originally Posted by Mr Sand Does anyone know a store that carries APC in Cologne or Bonn? Would like to try them on before purchasing... French apc site has a full list of retail stores nationwide and whether or not they carry menswear
Nice fitting jeans, very tempting
Quote: Originally Posted by blank Uniqlo socks. I have a ton of the thick argyle ones, but I just discovered these new ones with a thinner fabric, blue with white stripes. Needless to say, I'm going back to grab 3 more pair this weekend. 3 for $10. I buy all my basics from uniqlo, thier socks are pretty dope as are epima cotton tees that i've harked on about a few times.
Quote: Originally Posted by drink8648 I'm also at $395.00. I have 3 large and 2 x-large left. Gary I need somewhere thats got a small
so much good stuff, so little money- how much is the cordory blazer? couldn't see a price mentioned?
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