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new stuff sounds very cool
on this pick only i believe lowrey's stripes are brilliant EDIT: also could you make the poll private until the end of voting so that no-body knows who is winning and we don't get lemming votes
its judge judy so the TV company pays for all damages and charges ect so the scammer just had to sit there and be insulted for a bit and still kept her $$$. THe fact that the TV company pas means she's free to makes threats ect
Gah people are such jerks, Personally i think the discounts and products available are brilliant and anyone who doesn't should feel free to STFU. Kiya is selling these things at pretty much Japanese retail then is giving a discount ontop just because you typed something into google Now I just need to figure out what size of shirt i need...
the newton shirt and engineer jacket looks amazing as well, i need one of them
believe me i want to take that APC off your hands but its just going tobe a bit too small to fit me i think
I thought because they were a "2" model that meant they were sanforised denim?, or did yours shrink after a soak?
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