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the dior suit is awsome and slightly too big (darn) from the tag label code its from F/W 03 not 05
good idea, scones anyone?
bahh stop complaining fatties , what you want to get is more 36/eu46 for those of us of a younger age - 5'10 here :P
paypal does give you the option of using your bank conversion rate instead though- except atleast for me that is never any better, so its just the way these things work really
lamy swift- best rolleball on the market imho - the m66 is phenominallly smooth- if only i hadn't lost mine
worth $1.50 for sure as it looks pretty high quality but yeah its a fake, the font and the pattern are from different time periods afaicr
wow good to know even LV can't make an ID card window look nice :P i guess this is a free bump hope you sell the shoes soon :P
I'll take number 2 -pm'd
Quote: Originally Posted by crazyquik What's required for barristers? wikipedia's article on barristers is actually pretty good, but the key point is that its extremely extremely competitive, even compared to top solicitors jobs.
Wow, this thread would put me off US law school for life . I don't recognise ay of this in my course, except from the crazy workload. I'm studying law at Cambridge university here in the UK and I guess this is the advantage of an undergraduate law degree that the law students are just as normal and enjoyable as those in any other subject group. Also, I'm going to be coming out with only like $15K in debt at the rate of inflation. Our training stucture is slightly...
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