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I love earl grey its probably my favourite "everyday" tea, especially with toast, or scones or crumpets - but, because its a flavoured tes, I honestly don't worry too much about what I am drinking (unlike "real" tea, where I am a proper purist). I have had the Mariages Freres above, and its certainly very nice, but usually on a daily basis for earl grey I don't sweat the source and I just take fortnum & mason's, M&S or even twinning loose leaf. As long as you are not...
There are two problems with your question namely you don't explain what you mean is an "english" suit and you don't explain what your price range is. Anyway, I will give you three recommendations of traditional "english" tailors circa £200 - Marks & Spencer - A well fitted, full wool M&S suit is as good and as traditional as anything else you will get for the price, and being M&S its as english as a nice cup of tea and a crumpet circa £400 - Ede & Ravenscroft -...
uniqlo's shopping basket system is retarded, as i now cannot add any items to my baskets and those that were there have gone, should have checked out earlier perhaps, though i have a hard time beliving they are out of stock edit - no the store is just borked, wouldn't let me buy a normal jacket or a heattech shirt either
its all they've put up not all that is left , i think we just need to be patient and stop crashing their server
Quote: Customers are limited to purchase one colour and one size of each product from the +J collection. This is the most supreme(ly) retarded thing i have ever seen in an online store. Also, and this is not gospel but as the UK has XS - L available means i expect that the sizing is not japanese at least because for the last few collabs there has only really been M or L available here
as a southern France man i would say that if you did not double cheek kiss here you would cause offence. Infact it is the standard greeting between (straight) guys aswell, only English prudes shake hands.
ardberg is not a starters scotch, if you want something peaty but approachable i would reccomend a talisker (any though the 18 is divine)
certainly us skinny guys from the other SF would love smaller size stuff,
Quote: Originally Posted by waterpig I'd buy it but I already have one. ditto, its a really nice watch that can look good with any outfit and it has the mechanics and quality of something much more expensive, i love mine and you can't do much better for $300 , have a free bump
I must report being a stinking liar EH is of course a s/s collection so the dior suit is from S/S 03 rather than F/W, free correction bump for the man
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