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Brown Chromexcel plain toe boots, brass eyelets+hooks Alden x Leffot
I think someone had said that TS might do Khadi shirts twice a summer, but perhaps I imagined that.
I recall seeing that the khadi fabrics were going to be extremely limited and difficult to come by, but a shirt similarl (green, yellow or red perhaps?) to the blue striped khadi shirt would be quite welcome. That fabric is amazing.
Would love to see more khadi shirts from you guys. The fabric is amazing Mat DC
Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I am curious what sort of tie I should look for to match navy chinos and a baby blue small check gingham shirt. I have a textured solid navy tie with small light blue golden fleece pattern. Is this simply too much navy blue? I realize I should probably stay away from anything striped. Perhaps a yellow matte tie like this would be...
Has anyone here had a pair of DBs in Beeswax resoled with something besides the crepe original and Vibram "Christy" soles? Just looking for some recommendations. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by harry2quinn Ralph Lauren Black Label on sale (usually 2K+); alternatively, go for Thick as Thieves ( Should also state that I also am trying to avoid peak lapels.
Hi Folks, I am trying to get an idea of where I should be looking for the specific suit I am looking for: Namely, thinner lapels, a single-breasted, double vented jacket and slim, plain front pants in a modern cut in charcoal, navy, medium gray. Budget is up to $1000 US. Basically I want something that is modern but still understated. Thought I don't doubt the quality, the BBs suits do not appear to be what I am looking for. Any advice is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Oleg Had you considered John Smedley? John Smedley is far out of my price range, I am going to be buying a couple and would like to spend no more than 40-80/sweater.
can you buy uniqlo stuff online in the US?
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