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Guess I'll be wearing my Alden PT boots. Was a bit disappointed you couldn't all be as helpful as Starro. Nonetheless, I appreciate your efforts.
Hi Folks, I'm going to a wedding in a week or so here in the DC area. It's not formal, but I intend to wear a plain navy suit. I wanted to know if anyone could recommend desert boots that would pair well? I imagine suede would be preferable to something like Clark's beeswax leather finish? Thank you in advance for any input/insights. Cheers, Mat
I'm having a similar issue with a shirt, a Brooklyn Tailors oxford. Do these V- shaped lines leading to the top button indicate it's too tight in the chest? For the record, the shirt is a linen-cotton blend.
I am stuck kind of going back and forth on a Brooklyn Tailors RTW shirt. are the twin V-shaped rolls a pretty definitive sign that the shirt fits poorly in the chest/shoulders?
Are some of the restock items not shipping for awhile? I ordered one of the heavyweight crewnecks last Wednesday and have yet to receive notice it has been sent. I only ask because the turnaround is typically exceptionally fast.
Will there be more khadi shirts coming out this year? I own the white with blue stripes that dropped last year and have had at least a dozen people remark on what a uniquely beautiful shirt it is.
That is pretty damn funny. Cumberland is obviously next door to Falmouth, but I also spent several years of my childhood in Kennebunkport on Goose Rocks Beach. I feel even better about buying from you guys now. M Gonzales
Forgot to mention in my previous post. Are one of you guys from Maine?
Lots of plaid so far this year.... Had read something about utility shirts being released early in the year. Anything doing on that front? MG
The tanker boot looks like something Ed Gein threw together in a fevered dream after robbing a grave. That being said, his taste in leather pales in comparison to Alden.
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