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I'm having a similar issue with a shirt, a Brooklyn Tailors oxford. Do these V- shaped lines leading to the top button indicate it's too tight in the chest? For the record, the shirt is a linen-cotton blend.
I am stuck kind of going back and forth on a Brooklyn Tailors RTW shirt. are the twin V-shaped rolls a pretty definitive sign that the shirt fits poorly in the chest/shoulders?
The tanker boot looks like something Ed Gein threw together in a fevered dream after robbing a grave. That being said, his taste in leather pales in comparison to Alden.
Brown Chromexcel plain toe boots, brass eyelets+hooks Alden x Leffot
Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but I am curious what sort of tie I should look for to match navy chinos and a baby blue small check gingham shirt. I have a textured solid navy tie with small light blue golden fleece pattern. Is this simply too much navy blue? I realize I should probably stay away from anything striped. Perhaps a yellow matte tie like this would be...
Has anyone here had a pair of DBs in Beeswax resoled with something besides the crepe original and Vibram "Christy" soles? Just looking for some recommendations. Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by harry2quinn Ralph Lauren Black Label on sale (usually 2K+); alternatively, go for Thick as Thieves (www.thickasthievesla.com) Should also state that I also am trying to avoid peak lapels.
Hi Folks, I am trying to get an idea of where I should be looking for the specific suit I am looking for: Namely, thinner lapels, a single-breasted, double vented jacket and slim, plain front pants in a modern cut in charcoal, navy, medium gray. Budget is up to $1000 US. Basically I want something that is modern but still understated. Thought I don't doubt the quality, the BBs suits do not appear to be what I am looking for. Any advice is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Oleg Had you considered John Smedley? John Smedley is far out of my price range, I am going to be buying a couple and would like to spend no more than 40-80/sweater.
can you buy uniqlo stuff online in the US?
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