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To the OP, I already own the ultimate blazer. It's features are: Loro Piana 8.75 oz/yd 100% super 100s wool a.\tsingle-breasted b.\t3-button, with the lapels rolling to the middle button c.\tNotch lapels d.\tSide-vents e.\tFlapped, jetted, hacking pockets, with a ticket pocket (with apologies to Jan Libourel) f.\tSmoked MOP buttons, 4 sleeve buttons with functional buttonholes g.\tHalf-lined in light blue Bemberg I find myself reaching for it as a default,...
Quote: Originally Posted by Steve B. I don't get Gortat. I think he looked good in THIS YEAR'S playoffs. How much more I don't know.... Think of Gortat as a slightly more athletic Oberto. Slightly.
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 No way they would take Roger Mason out as a starting SG, it would nullify Jefferson's acquisition if you sit either Jefferson or Mason for a non-perimeter threat. They are the two people who will spread the floor so Parker could run around either driving or dumping the basket to Duncan or McDyess for a mid range shot. No need to clog up the paint with another SF/PF. I think the Spurs should have tried to get Gortat...
Quote: Originally Posted by sho'nuff now there is talk that mcdyess is going to san antonio. wtf? lakers got to move now and do something big if we are letting go of odom. Interestinger and interestinger....Who will strengthen their team the most this off-season?? Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 croshere doesn;t have enough talent for the team. stephon plays hard sometimes. steve smith might be a good...
Approach hot women, tell them they have a great smile and you're looking for a good dentist. Do they have a recommendation? You're on your own from there.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lel Women's clothing is all about flattering their bodies, hiding away imperfections, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if, naked, she didn't end up looking so great. Perhaps you're right, but I'd like the chance to make that call!
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 need derrick coleman, shaq, scottie and rasheed on the all-effort team. maybe keith van horn can come off the bench but we still need another starter. Austin Croshere? Or if you need a point guard, how about Stephon Marbury?
This is good news, but I wish they'd start with their non-iron line. I wear a 14.5" neck and 36" sleeve and find their "slim fit" shirts tent-like. On the other hand BB is the only place that I've found non-iron fabrics in a MTM program, so I buy my business casual shirts MTM from BB.
If going to a dance class counts, then 4-5; if not, then I probably average about 2-3. This doesn't count workouts, since I work out 2 mornings a week and one evening. The evening workout is done in an un-airconditioned martial arts gym loaded with a bunch of guys and only one bit of eye-candy .
I'm thinking of getting an iPhone (despite Conne's blistering criticism ). Right now, I'm in the telephonic Dark Ages, so anything I get would be an upgrade, but I'll monitor this thread to see what apps are available. TIA, guys.
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