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Does anyone know if unionmade is expecting a shipment from SNS Herning? Their prices seemed really good last year (and no import duties). I'm looking for an oxblood Stark cardigan and I've been waiting around to see what shows up on their website, but I'm getting impatient.
Management forgot to tell the players (who now all fear for their jobs, post-Trent Richardson).
I agree with everything you wrote, except I must admit that my opinion of black ties is colored by my personal, low-contrast coloring and blue eyes. I'm sure others can look great in a black tie, but I just look better in blue.
I wear a black tie only for funerals. I think burgundy or light blue (really, any blue that provides significant contrast to whatever shade of navy your jacket may be) are more interesting and just as versatile, in the sense that they can be worn with a navy, charcoal, or gray suit. In contrast to black ties, I find it surprising how often I wear my navy blazer, so I disagree with the blazer/black tie analogy (I like my blazer because it's custom and a terrific fit. ...
I've owned brown calfskin Tetburys for years and they're my go-to dress casual rain boots. I like them so much that I just bought a pair of black calfskin, even though I would really prefer a corodovan shade of chukka boot. I would be interested in something in the red or burgundy family, something like Carmina's ruby (if C&J has something similar).
Is their sizing chart accurate? I wear a 40L jacket and according to their chart, I would wear an XL, yet the Emergent cardigan I bought is a L and practically a perfect fit (They are out of size L).
Thanks Fok. Now to decide if I want a Stark or a shawl collar Inverallan 6A....
I ordered a pair of C&J Tetburys from the Edwards of Manchester sale on Sunday, they shipped on Monday, and DHL attempted deliver on Wednesday. When I ordered, they had black calf and dark brown suede, each in a range of sizes. Unless you want brown calfskin, you may want to cancel your order and order from EoM (check the thread in Menswear). At just over 400 USD, shipped, the price wasn't bad and I'll have them in about 4 days.
I ordered a discounted EG Westminster from EoM last Spring, even though they didn't have it in stock, and received it several months later. This time, they are selling only models currently in stock.Their service truly is exceptional. I ordered a pair of the C&J Tetburys on Sunday, they shipped on Monday, and DHL attempted delivery yesterday (Wednesday).
For anyone who owns a sweater in burgundy/bordeaux/oxblood, how versatile are the red tones compared to something in the gray or blue family? I really like the weave on the Stark and the "mix" fabrics, but I already own cardigans in navy, air force blue, charcoal gray, and gray melange (Emergent, courtesy of a member here).Last year I waited, hoping to find a discounted triple blue mix and missed out, so I don't want to make the same mistake again.
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