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For anyone who owns a sweater in burgundy/bordeaux/oxblood, how versatile are the red tones compared to something in the gray or blue family? I really like the weave on the Stark and the "mix" fabrics, but I already own cardigans in navy, air force blue, charcoal gray, and gray melange (Emergent, courtesy of a member here).Last year I waited, hoping to find a discounted triple blue mix and missed out, so I don't want to make the same mistake again.
I ordered a pair of EG Westminsters from EoM last Spring and they arrived by DHL with no fees. I'm hoping the C&J Tetburys they just shipped also escape fees (incidentally, I ordered on Sunday and the boots shipped on Monday).
Well, it pretty clearly says "98", so this is new to me.
It probably says "48" and L, meaning 48 Long. "48" is the distance across the chest, in centimeters. To convert to US measurements, double to get the circumference in centimeters and divide by 2.54 to convert centimeters to inches. So a European 48 corresponds to a US 37.8, or approximately a US 38. The quick, approximate conversion is to subtract 10 from the European sizing to get US sizing, but this doesn't work well for larger sizes (for example, a Euro 56 is...
I use Obenauf's LP on all my shoes (and belts) before the first wearing, except for suede or shoes that I don't want to darken. Obenauf's will darken brown or burgundy leather. After treating with Obenauf's, I put on several coats of wax polish. It can be difficult to raise a good shine after treatment with Obenauf's (it usually takes about 10 polishings before I can get a good shine).On suede shoes (and belts or jackets), I use a spray-on suede protector, which also...
You can always darken shoes. Polish with black or burgundy polish.
If Odom had kept his head on straight and worked on his game, he could've been better than Scottie Pippen,
Odom has always been a tragic waste of talent and now it looks like he may waste his life, too. Truly sad.I'm sorry I missed the special. Dr. J was the player who made me a basketball fan. The very first time I caught a b-ball game on TV, this guy with a giant 'fro blocked a shot, palming it as he took it down. He threw an outlet pass and was fast enough to take a one-handed rebound for a jam at the other end. Yes, it was Dr. J. He was MJ before anyone had heard of...
I visited when I lived in SD in 2006 and wasn't impressed. The best tailor in town is Romeo Singca at Felice Custom Tailoring in La Jolla. I haven't visited in several years, but I assume he's still in business.
PhiladelphiaBoyd'sOklahoma CityMr. Ooley'sI also travel a fair amount, at least in the US. This thread will be gold!
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