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Here are my brown Tetburys (I happen to have worn them today; you can see a small scuff on the left big toe):Uploaded with ImageShack.usI've had them for about 3-5 years and love them so much, I just bought a pair of black nubuck (I was torn between black and suede). They are my go-to business casual boots in rain and light snow. I don't think they're the waxed nubuck, but I forget the name C&J used. I do polish them with red periodically and also use Saphir's "mahagoni"...
Yeah, I've been lusting after the plum museum calf, myself. I should have sucked it up and done a MTO Vale in plum museum calf when JL was still making the Vale.
I find it very easy to darken shoes, especially those in the red/burgundy color family. I would have kept them and polished them with black and burgundy until I had the color I wanted.
I really wanted a pair of the Darwin slip-ons in tan (I already have a pair in dark brown analogous to EG's dark oak and love them), but they're out of my size. FWIW, the McCallum shell cordovan chukka boots are great.
Ron, glad to see you're still around and doing business.
I see nothing wrong with the 4th tie. It looks to me like a Macclesfield, a traditional English pattern:http://www.styleforum.net/t/9336/of-macclesfield-ties-fudge-welts
Thanks guys. I guess I will try to be patient...
Does anyone know if unionmade is expecting a shipment from SNS Herning? Their prices seemed really good last year (and no import duties). I'm looking for an oxblood Stark cardigan and I've been waiting around to see what shows up on their website, but I'm getting impatient.
Management forgot to tell the players (who now all fear for their jobs, post-Trent Richardson).
I agree with everything you wrote, except I must admit that my opinion of black ties is colored by my personal, low-contrast coloring and blue eyes. I'm sure others can look great in a black tie, but I just look better in blue.
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