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I use Saphir's mahogany (mahagoni?) on brown shoes to give them a chestnut brown hue and some really nice depth of color. I wouldn't use it on my burgundy shoes (though I've never tried Saphir burgundy).
It all depends where you are located. In 2006, I found Corneliani-made Polo Ralph Lauren jackets and suits at some Marshall's stores. Other carry only tripe. IME, Marshall's stores in the most affluent areas have the best merchandise.
I ordered a pair of Tetburys from Edwards of Manchester during their last sale. Ordered on Sunday and had them by Wednesday. I have no idea how they shipped to the US so fast.Ben Silver's prices are very high, but they sometimes have unique makeups, like Weymouths in tan.
I grew up in Tucson, so I know the winter weather in parts of Arizona and I like the chukka boot suggestion, but try to find something without a leather sole. I wear chukka boots with Dainite soles in rain and slush because leather soles are deadly-slick. Although "the rules" forbid wearing black and brown together and it wouldn't be my first choice, I think a black coat and brown shoes wouldn't be tragic because shoes and a coat aren't right next to each other. I made...
Thanks for posting this, stevent! I ordered the burgundy Kibworths last night. I really like elastic gore loafers, already have a pair in dark brown (RLPL Darwin), and thought my chance of finding an affordable pair in burgundy was nil, so I'm very pleased. I'm hoping they're actually burgundy antique, but I can easily antique them myself.
Since I've been traveling a lot recently, I could use a monkstrap, a double monk, or maybe a chelsea boot (for easy-on/easy-off at airport security) with a Dainite sole for wet weather. I really like the museum calf leathers, but I'd probably buy anything other than black. Is anyone else interested? (I also like elastic-gore loafers, but I don't think Carmina offers one.)
I've owned a pair of McCallum chukkas for about 7 years, sized down 1/2 size (bought US 11.5D instead of my usual US 12D), and I find the toe box has plenty of room. Mine have dainite soles and are my go-to casual rain boots. I wear them with jeans, cords, and moleskin trousers. I don't worry much about putting a high shine on them; I simply polish the scuffs out and condition with Saphir cream about once a year. I like shell cordovan not only for the creasing, but also...
Yeah, but I was hoping that unionmade would have better pricing and I wouldn't have to hassle with customs duties. I assumed the "bardeaux" was bordeaux, but I'll take another look.
No cardigans in oxblood mix.
Here are my brown Tetburys (I happen to have worn them today; you can see a small scuff on the left big toe):Uploaded with ImageShack.usI've had them for about 3-5 years and love them so much, I just bought a pair of black nubuck (I was torn between black and suede). They are my go-to business casual boots in rain and light snow. I don't think they're the waxed nubuck, but I forget the name C&J used. I do polish them with red periodically and also use Saphir's "mahagoni"...
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