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Although I don't mind red ties, I much prefer burgundy. Both of the (deep) red ties that I own have textural interest: one has textured pindots and the other has large, approximately 1/16" twill weave, or I think of it as a narrow self-stripe. In general, I dislike ties with a plain satin finish, perhaps because they seem to be a favorite of The Donald.
I own both the McCallum and Tetbury boots. The Tetbury is considerably more pointy that the McCallum, so much so that I wear my McCallums as casual boots, but my Tetburys for business casual (the Tetburys also shine up better). IIRC, the McCallums are on the 325 last and certainly resemble my Darlton wingtips more than they resemble my Tetburys. I can check the last when I get home tonight (if I remember). I can't comment on the Brecon on Chepstow, since I own...
I honestly don't know why C&J calls the leather on the Tetbury's "antique nubuck". I own two pairs and treat them like regular calfskin, whereas other "nubuck" shoes I own look like suede with a very short nap, just enough to give a matte finish. The oldest of the two pairs of Tetburys' has developed a nice patina.
Are the Darwin elasticated loafers going on sale? I have a pair in dark brown, very much like EG's dark oak, and I love them.
Thanks! I checked them out and they have nothing for me. Great prices though!! (especially for Navy (M) or Army Green (M, L) Stark).
I've found it best to deal with Shoemart by phone. Models shown on their website are often out of stock. IIRC their Alden seconds don't even get posted on the web.
I don't know what's going on at EoM right now, but I've gotten very good service. They worked with me last Spring to order a pair of EG Westminsters at their sale price, even though the Westminsters weren't listed on the website and they didn't have them in stock. The shoes were delivered only 2 weeks after their estimated delivery date. Then, on a Sunday in September I ordered a pair of C&J Tetburys that were in stock and I had them by the following Wednesday. So they...
I think the white background on your color card is seriously distorting the colors. My Saphir mahogany cream is MUCH darker than it looks in your photo. If the OP is worried about cream polish being too light, he can always alternate polishing with burgundy and black or mix burgundy with black. I find it very easy to darken shoes.
I use Saphir's mahogany (mahagoni?) on brown shoes to give them a chestnut brown hue and some really nice depth of color. I wouldn't use it on my burgundy shoes (though I've never tried Saphir burgundy).
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