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Though I agree with you that Saban's coaching is probably an issue, a football team = players + coaches.In other words, if 'Bama had a better team, they'd be No. 1.But this is the fun of college football, isn't it? I wouldn't argue with anyone who wanted to say that Alabama was the most talented team this year, but were they the best? No. That question was settled on the field.How many kids watching these bowl games do you think are deciding between Alabama, Auburn, and...
Thanks for supporting my argument. Teams that can't get motivated for every game, especially a nationally prominent bowl game, are not among the top 1-2 teams in the nation. Do you really think that bowl game was inconsequential to Saban? Do you think it will have no impact on recruiting? Also, if Alabama had had speedier athletes and/or could tackle better, they might not have lost to Auburn. The proof is in the results, not in speculation.
Thanks, I honestly don't follow the conferences that closely. The SEC definitely did better overall than I thought.Anyone who thinks Alabama is in the top 2 just wasn't watching their last two games, especially the bowl game. Oklahoma played a great game, but they (Oklahoma) are not a top-5 team.
So I'm curious, what was the SEC's record in bowl games this year? My impression is that it wasn't very good, but maybe I only saw a selection of games. All were great games, though!
You are correct.about the 2010 Rose Bowl BCS championship game against Alabama, concluding the 2009 college season. Football is a team game and, unfortunately, depth is important, as injuries are a part of the game.Also, don't forget that Oklahoma lost the 2004 national championship game to a USC team that was later forced to vacate the national championship (Reggie Bush and family received improper benefits). It's a shame they tainted the entire season so that no champion...
Texas really is a plum job, so as long as the internal politics doesn't scare off the good candidates, I assume they'll make a good hire. Texas really should be a top-ten team and competitive for the national championship most years.
This speaks only to your contempt for Oklahoma and hatred of Bob Stoops. Stoops has eight Big 12 Championships, has played in 4 national championship games and won one of them. Mack Brown's Texas teams played in one national championship game and won it because of Vince Young's freakish athleticism.Mack was always a great recruiter who couldn't develop his talent and constantly got out-coached by Stoops in head-to-head match-ups, hence Mack's lack of Big 12 Championships...
This. I was at the outlet mall today (and the 50% off sale was in progress last weekend, as well). After Christmas, merchandise from the mainline store will be back to the normal 70% off. I usually head straight for the "70% off" rack, so I save time by skipping most of the "346" stuff.
If I don't mind darkening my boots slightly, I use Obenauf's Leather Preservative, a coat of cream and multiple coats of wax (necessary to get a shine, after the Obenauf's LP) before the first wearing. Then, it's just wax and, occassionally, Saphir cream.
That's what I'm wearing now--C&J Tetburys in brown or black, as well as brown suede Rider 3-eyelet chukkas with crepe soles--but I'm hoping to score some monkstraps (or monkstrap chukkas). You may recall that I'm an academic, so I'm already grossly overdressed compared to everyone around me. People would just see gray suede chukkas with crepe soles as another of my eccentricities.
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