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^Excellent post. Through buying a lot and making a lot of mistakes, I've learned three very valuable lessons:1) Know what is important to you, know where to find it, and be willing to pay for it. For example, I love the way Brioni jackets look on me, but I won't pay bespoke prices to support their marketing. Also, I easily find RTW trousers that fit well, but RTW jackets do not, so I buy trousers OTR and have my jackets made for me.2) Fit is important for comfort and...
Sorry for the repetitive questioning; I don't follow the thread very closely (obviously). Thanks for the response, Mike.
Mike, will you ever stock the LBM 1911 jackets in long sizes? I've been looking for a casual, unstructured jacket for several years and I've had to revert to wearing cardigans because i can't find one in my size (40L).
Someone trades up to number two and takes Clowney (or a qb, so Clowney goes at 3 or 5). Clowney definitely goes in the top 5.
Are you geting any monkstraps in suede? (size 11E UK, please)
I own a pair of scotch-grain bluchers from Brooks Brothers, branded Peal & Co. and I believe made by A&S. I treated them with Obenauf's LP and several coats of wax polish before wearing them and they are holding up very well.
It's a fairly easy fix. The tailor removes the collar, cuts out the excess fabric, and re-attaches the collar. I've had it done on a number of my RTW jackets.
Sale at Roden Gray, including SNS Herning. Mainly size L, but some of you will find great pricing: http://rodengray.com/collections/sale?utm_source=affiliate&utm_medium=textlink&utm_term=43737&utm_content=2-121254&utm_campaign=f13&utm_source=affiliate&utm_medium=genericlink&utm_term=43737&utm_content=2-121254&utm_campaign=f13 Edit: Remember pricing is in Canadian dollars, so for Americans on the board the US price is about 90% of the price listed.
+1. I ordered a M for my 39-40" chest and like the (trim) fit. So if I were a 42, I'd order a L. I will say that although I like the fit through the chest, the arms are exceptionally long, so I fold up a cuff of 2-3", even though I have 36.5" arms (look how far the sleeves come down on the model in the picture, despite the fabric bunched on the forearm).
Got my Ion cardigen in oxblood from Roden Gray yesterday and it's great!. It's very warm, the color is great, and the weave is fantastic. Although it probably goes best with jeans or cords, I'm wearing it today with charcoal gray flannel trousers (and burgundy shoes), to bring out the gray in the melange yarn.
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