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Thanks zippyh. I may pick up a pair, if they still have my size.
Lookin' good! Do the Burnhams have a Dainite sole?
If you want to try Oxxford without looking too conservative, try the Oxxford Crest or Radcliffe models. You can find some information by doing a search of Styleforum.
Depending on the color, I might be interested.What shade of brown in "spice"? Picture?
^Excellent post. Through buying a lot and making a lot of mistakes, I've learned three very valuable lessons:1) Know what is important to you, know where to find it, and be willing to pay for it. For example, I love the way Brioni jackets look on me, but I won't pay bespoke prices to support their marketing. Also, I easily find RTW trousers that fit well, but RTW jackets do not, so I buy trousers OTR and have my jackets made for me.2) Fit is important for comfort and...
Sorry for the repetitive questioning; I don't follow the thread very closely (obviously). Thanks for the response, Mike.
Mike, will you ever stock the LBM 1911 jackets in long sizes? I've been looking for a casual, unstructured jacket for several years and I've had to revert to wearing cardigans because i can't find one in my size (40L).
Someone trades up to number two and takes Clowney (or a qb, so Clowney goes at 3 or 5). Clowney definitely goes in the top 5.
Are you geting any monkstraps in suede? (size 11E UK, please)
I own a pair of scotch-grain bluchers from Brooks Brothers, branded Peal & Co. and I believe made by A&S. I treated them with Obenauf's LP and several coats of wax polish before wearing them and they are holding up very well.
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