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Will the chukka have a Dainite sole? Please?Also, do you have a picture of the 4-eye chukka? I've only seen 3- and 5-eyelet chukkas from Carmina.
The straps on my John Lobb jodhpurs need to be undone and re-done each time I take them on/off. I think this is true of almost every maker's jodhpur boots. Chelsea boots are much more convenient.When I say "dressy" boot, I still mean business casual and I prefer something easier to take on and off than a high boot like the typical bal boots I see here and from EG. I'm looking for "dressy" chukkas to alternate with my C&J Tetburys (something a little more sleek than RL...
You know, if I can't get a chukka with Dainite soles, I could go for a chelsea boot instead. I'm not a big fan of jodhpur boots because I find wrapping and buckling the straps a PITA.My primary need right now is 2 pairs of boots, one casual and one dressy, to wear in rain and slush, but I'm also looking for dressy brown chelsea boots.
With Dainite sole? If so, I'm most likely in (depending on the last).
Nice article. Thanks for posting.
My preference would be the 3-eyelet chukka, like the Ashbery.
I'd go for hatch grain, scotch grain, snuff suede, ruby shell cordovan, navy shell cordovan...almost any chukka boot with a Dainite sole other than dark brown shell cordovan or chestnut calfskin (because I already own these). I really like the Ashbery boot you linked
Sure enough! I need to learn to read.
I'm late to the party, but I'd be interested in a hatch grain chukka. I'm much more partial to chukkas than all the high boots everyone here seems so fond of. I only wear my high boots in heavy snow, so they rarely get much use.
At the risk of stating the obvious, the last picture is Edward Green, from the color of the bags and the writing on the sole. I own a pair of brown suede jodhpur boots very much like those you posted, made by John Lobb. I find that I rarely wear them because buckling them up is a PITA.
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