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I use "The Crystal" unscented roll-on deodorant, shower and change my shirt every day, and put a spritz of cologne on the front of my armpits. Usually the only scent I can detect is my cologne. I've asked trusted dance partners if I'm overdoing the cologne and been told it's only noticeable when they come close to me and "it's delightful".
Edward Green's Beaulieu comes standard in a burnished burgundy, but EG won't even take special orders in shell cordovan. In fact, I don't know of anyone who offers an austerity brogue in shell cordovan, so I would REALLY like an austerity brogue make-up in ruby shell cordovan--a shoe with minimal decoration that let's the leather do the talking.I have a pair of monkstraps in Horween's color #6, slightly more red than color #8, and it's one of my favorite shoes. Like most...
Check out European brands. Euro 50L is a US 39L (I'm the same size and the Euro brands generally fit me very well).
I might be in, if you were thinking shell cordovan (But I just got a call from the local Carmina stockist telling me that the Carmina rep just left some samples, so I need to see what he can do).
Yes, I've had it done. Just find yourself a good alterations tailor.
I follow Man of Lint's basic procedure, except I clean my sink thoroughly first, I use Woolite, and I NEVER hang my sweaters. Instead, I roll them up in the towel, jelly-roll style, to dry overnight. Then a roll them up in a second towel for the day, then spread them out on the table to finish air-drying. I would never send my sweaters to the dry-cleaner because the organic solvents they all use will strip natural oils from the wool. Mild soaps like Woolite will allow...
I use Woodlore from Sierra Trading Post: http://www.sierratradingpost.com/cedarbrooke-by-woodlore-combination-cedar-shoe-tree-for-men~p~94022/?filterString=s~woodlore%2F&colorFamily=05I just bought 8 pairs, with an emailed coupon for 35% off and $2.50 shipping.The Ultras are adjustable. I noticed the small holes drilled in the wood and experimented with a small Phillips screwdriver to see which way to turn to make them shorter and narrower. They are still large enough...
Any color that gives substantial color contrast would work: navy, gray, light blue (all of which I have). Actually, thanks for posting this. I may look again at the end of summer to see if it goes on sale (in my size, of course).
Chatted with Scott for about an hour this afternoon and learned a lot about Carmina and Alden (he doesn't carry Vass). You're right, he's a great guy and let me try on, even though I made it clear I wasn't buying today. He has a limited selection of Carmina's right now (4 different models, with limited sizes left), but he's planning a Carmina trunk show sometime within the next several months and then he will re-order from them. He has carried Alden's for years and is a...
Thanks, I certainly will. I'm going to try to head down this afternoon.
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