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At the risk of stating the obvious, the last picture is Edward Green, from the color of the bags and the writing on the sole. I own a pair of brown suede jodhpur boots very much like those you posted, made by John Lobb. I find that I rarely wear them because buckling them up is a PITA.
Robert, will the Darwin model shoes ever go on sale? I have a pair that I bought on ebay, I love them, and I'd liike another pair, but can't justify paying full retail.
I don't have a lot of information, but their attraction for me was largely the service provided by Ron Rider and his ability to provide unique styles in shell cordovan. I special-ordered several pairs of shell cordovan shoes from Ron and he was exceptionally accommodating in helping me to find the right size, sending me multiple sizes of try-on shoes, on each of several lasts, before I ordered. My shell cordovan monkstraps in Horween color #6 remain one of my favorite...
Mike, will you be re-stocking the Rand monkstrap in snuff suede or the Salinger double monk in burgundy shell cordovan anytime soon? I've waited too long and you're out of stock in my size (US 12D).
I own a pair of Tricker's shoes from STP and they're on par with AS for Brooks Brothers, which I also own. They're not great, but not bad and I don't think they're specially made for STP. For me, they were worth the price (I used a 35% off email code in addition to their usual discount, so IIRC I paid about $315). The Trickers lasts tend to be clunky, so I prefer their wingtips and boots.STP has been getting fairly large shipments of Trickers shoes and boots for about...
I use "The Crystal" unscented roll-on deodorant, shower and change my shirt every day, and put a spritz of cologne on the front of my armpits. Usually the only scent I can detect is my cologne. I've asked trusted dance partners if I'm overdoing the cologne and been told it's only noticeable when they come close to me and "it's delightful".
Edward Green's Beaulieu comes standard in a burnished burgundy, but EG won't even take special orders in shell cordovan. In fact, I don't know of anyone who offers an austerity brogue in shell cordovan, so I would REALLY like an austerity brogue make-up in ruby shell cordovan--a shoe with minimal decoration that let's the leather do the talking.I have a pair of monkstraps in Horween's color #6, slightly more red than color #8, and it's one of my favorite shoes. Like most...
Check out European brands. Euro 50L is a US 39L (I'm the same size and the Euro brands generally fit me very well).
I might be in, if you were thinking shell cordovan (But I just got a call from the local Carmina stockist telling me that the Carmina rep just left some samples, so I need to see what he can do).
Yes, I've had it done. Just find yourself a good alterations tailor.
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