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Neither Kaman nor Dwight fit D'Antoni's system, but if Kaman makes it onto the court at all, he'll give the Lakers more than Dwight did. Also, there's only room for one diva in that locker room and Kobe inherited the job as soon as Shaq left, so losing Dwight is addition by subtraction. If Kobe can be convinced that D'Antoni isn't a good fit, I predict D'Antoni won't last the whole season in LA and then Kaman can become that 12/10/2 guy he was before and the Lakers can...
I'm in on the hatch grain chukkas, my first Carminas. Unfortunately, I had to choose between the hatch grain leather and the suede and, since the hatch grain leather is more unique, it won out. I also prefer the Dainite soles for foul weather boots. Now the waiting begins...
Does anyone know of plans for a sale this summer?
Allan Houston 2.0?Melo and Amare can't even share the ball and Amare can rebound. How will Melo and Monta share the ball (much less Bargnani)? Is Isaiah Thomas back in the front office?
Thanks guys. I missed it when I read the description, although it's at the very red letters.
How long will the hatch-grain MTO be up ( I'd really prefer to wait 4-5 days so the purchase goes on my next credit card billing cycle)?
Wow, that's almost the exact outfit I'm wearing today. My jacket does have a herringbone weave and peak lapels, though, and my pocket square is an unimaginative white linen with light blue polka dots.Stitchy, I have only one gray jacket and my go-to trousers to wear with it are navy. It's a pairing that makes sense to me, as it does to you, as an inversion of the classic gray trousers with navy blazer. I suspect that I find gray trousers more versatile than navy simply...
I'm also wearing navy "pents" today, made of linen, along with a cream shantung silk jacket. Although I wear various shades of gray more often than navy, I really like the look of navy trousers with chestnut brown shoes and belt (this thread was my inspiration for breaking out my navy linen pants).
For those of you who own shoes made with the hatch grain leather, how does it polish up? Does polish build up in the striations and dull the shine?
I'm interested. I'd prefer fewer eyelets and I'm not particular about the last, though I agree that a round toe would look better. If the MTO hatch-grain chukka happens, I'll probably need to make a choice to buy only one of the two.
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