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If Odom had kept his head on straight and worked on his game, he could've been better than Scottie Pippen,
Odom has always been a tragic waste of talent and now it looks like he may waste his life, too. Truly sad.I'm sorry I missed the special. Dr. J was the player who made me a basketball fan. The very first time I caught a b-ball game on TV, this guy with a giant 'fro blocked a shot, palming it as he took it down. He threw an outlet pass and was fast enough to take a one-handed rebound for a jam at the other end. Yes, it was Dr. J. He was MJ before anyone had heard of...
I visited when I lived in SD in 2006 and wasn't impressed. The best tailor in town is Romeo Singca at Felice Custom Tailoring in La Jolla. I haven't visited in several years, but I assume he's still in business.
PhiladelphiaBoyd'sOklahoma CityMr. Ooley'sI also travel a fair amount, at least in the US. This thread will be gold!
Before voting I need clarification: Do the spots glow in the dark?(I own a pair of purple shoes, but they're captoe balmorals and so dark that they look burgundy, so they really wouldn't be competitive with the entries I've seen here. Well done, gents!)
As I've posted before, I'd be very interested in ruby shell, but not so interested in another brown chukka boot. I already own a cognac calfskin C&J Tetbury , a dark brown shell cordovan RL MacCallum, and I have a hatch grain chukka on order from Epaulet from the last make-up. My chukka boots are my go-to rain boots, though, so I want one in burgundy/ruby, one in brown suede, and maybe (MAYBE) one in black.This make-up in ruby shell cordovan, please.
Zing! (I prefer RFX45's take on it).
I agree with this. Fast-twitch muscles are the first to go. I lost my jumping ability at about 35 y.o., even though I hadn't added any weight. And regular (2x per week) martial arts training didn't bring it all the way back. So I'm impressed with Dr. J and MJ (though MJ's feat seems more like a cry for attention: "Me too. Look at MEEEEEE.").
I could go for this as well. Kent Wang had some, but they were only 2.75" wide.
How about stepping outside the garage and closing the door as soon as Walt drives up and responding to the tracker with something creative like "I don't know what's going on. I found a tracker on my own car yesterday. It seems that someone thinks I have something to hide..." At least he maintains plausible deniability and buys himself some time. Now he's a threat to expose Walt.
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