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I also love chukkas instead of plain toe derbies, especially in rain or snow, and own basically what you describe: two pairs of the C&J Tetbury (one black and one brown calfskin) that I wear for business casual, a Carmina brown hatch grain, a Rider Boots model in brown suede, and a C&J for RL MacCallum in brown shell cordovan. I think I'm done buying chukka boots, unless I can find something in burgundy, maybe color #6 shell cordovan (not quite as dark as color #8). I just...
The curvature of the lapel edge is called "belly". You can search the CM forum for more information.
I've been waiting for a similar monkstrap to go on sale for several years, though I wouldn't wear them with a suit. What do you think of the C&J Savile? This is the only stockist I've found after a quick search: picture is lighter than any others I've seen). It's a shame that PLal no longer stocks C&J, or I'd probably have a pair already.
This would be a great casual shoe for rainy days and EG shoes with Dainite soles are rare. If I didn't already own a special-order Dover (Edwardian antique) with a York(?) sole, a burgundy pebble grain blucher with Dainite soles from AS/Brooks Brothers, and a Sutor Mantellassi split toe blucher in the equivalent of dark oak, I would jump on this. In fact, if I could sell all three pairs and raise enough money to buy these, I'd consolidate!
I own a jacket very much like this--blue barleycorn tweed--and it's great for fall and winter. In spring and summer, I get a lot of wear from a light blue herringbone weave linen/silk/wool blend. Nothing beats my navy hopsack blazer for year-round versatility, though. If you find one with gold buttons that you like, you could always change out the buttons for something like smoked mother-of-pearl (my favorites).
Yes, I also have a jacket made from a mix of linen, wool, and silk (also half-lined) that I like very much in the summer, though I've moved north to cooler climes and haven't tested it in Texas-sized heat. You are also correct about linen--not all linen is created equal, but a nice lightweight linen jacket with minimal lining is very nice in summer.
I hope you enjoy them! I'd have bought a pair in black if my size had been in stock. In fact I've been trolling ebay looking for a pair for about six months and bought a pair of burgundy EG Kibworths from LeatherSoul because I like my RL Darwins so much.
I always go down 1/2 size for loafers, so I buy 11.5D loafers instead of my usual 12D. My 11.5D Darwins fit very well and made me a fan of elasticated loafers because they're comfortable and look great.
I own a pair of Italian-made RLPL elasticated loafers, called the "Darwin", that I absolutely love. They are holding up very well and I would rank them somewhere between C&J Handgrades and EG in quality. I wouldn't pay full price, but I rarely pay full price for any shoes (IIRC, I bought them on ebay for about 40% of retail).(In case anyone is inteersted, I just checked the RL website to get the model name and black Darwins are on sale for...40% of retail. I'd buy another...
I wore a hopsack, half-lined blazer regularly when I lived in Oklahoma. It was relatively cool, though linen would probably be better in the summer, if your business environment can tolerate the wrinkles. My blazer is custom-made, so I don't know where you can buy one OTR.
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