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Disappointed that I can't take advantage of this linen sale because I'm waiting on my second pair of pants from Luxire and want to nail the fit before ordering more (2-3 linen and 2-3 woolen flannel). I even have the fabrics picked out.
I'm wearing a pair of double monks with jeans right now, burgundy punched captoes. They may not be completely appropriate, but I don't care because I'm traveling and they also have dainite soles, so they come on and off easily at airport security and are good in rain and snow.Double monks are more casual than single monks and, with a casual leather, they should be fine with jeans. John Lobb sells the William in tan color and what they call buffalo grain leather that would...
IIRC, driving in Belgium wasn't bad, though my wife did the driving while I navigated. Emerging at the Arc de Triomphe in Paris was a different story, though. My wife screamed and then went for it!
I visited Bruges more than 10 years ago because my stepdaughters had been born there. It's a quaint little city known for its medieval architecture and the "Relic of the Holy Blood", reputedly the blood of Jesus. A different cathedral (church?) contains a Michaelangelo statue of "Madonna with child". Your GF may enjoy browsing the little shops selling lace. IIRC, there's not much else, but the food was good and it was worth a day. We rented a car in Amsterdam and drove...
Seam-to-seam easurement across the shoulders? TIA.
Gray is a neutral, so anything high contrast should work: charcoal gray, navy blue, white or cream, black, dark brown...
Ashish, I think you misunderstood my post. There is no current issue to resolve. I haved the jeans that I ordered; I'm simply reluctant to order anything more right now because I'll be traveling during December. I also understand that you've improved your customer service recently and are now responding to emails quickly.
Thanks. I may try ordering and adding a note that delivery must be before/after particular dates.
Guys, what's the typical delivery time on trousers these days? I ordered a pair of jeans from Luxire in mid-August and didn't receive them until after 7 weeks and two emails that got no response. I want to do the next iteration to dial in a great fit, but with holiday travel coming up in December, I don't want to risk having a package returned when I'm out of the country.
Classic colors are midnight navy peacoat and charcoal gray overcoat. Charcoal gray would coordinate with brown shoes/boots, whereas a black overcoat would not.
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