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Seam-to-seam easurement across the shoulders? TIA.
Gray is a neutral, so anything high contrast should work: charcoal gray, navy blue, white or cream, black, dark brown...
Ashish, I think you misunderstood my post. There is no current issue to resolve. I haved the jeans that I ordered; I'm simply reluctant to order anything more right now because I'll be traveling during December. I also understand that you've improved your customer service recently and are now responding to emails quickly.
Thanks. I may try ordering and adding a note that delivery must be before/after particular dates.
Guys, what's the typical delivery time on trousers these days? I ordered a pair of jeans from Luxire in mid-August and didn't receive them until after 7 weeks and two emails that got no response. I want to do the next iteration to dial in a great fit, but with holiday travel coming up in December, I don't want to risk having a package returned when I'm out of the country.
Classic colors are midnight navy peacoat and charcoal gray overcoat. Charcoal gray would coordinate with brown shoes/boots, whereas a black overcoat would not.
I also love chukkas instead of plain toe derbies, especially in rain or snow, and own basically what you describe: two pairs of the C&J Tetbury (one black and one brown calfskin) that I wear for business casual, a Carmina brown hatch grain, a Rider Boots model in brown suede, and a C&J for RL MacCallum in brown shell cordovan. I think I'm done buying chukka boots, unless I can find something in burgundy, maybe color #6 shell cordovan (not quite as dark as color #8). I just...
The curvature of the lapel edge is called "belly". You can search the CM forum for more information.
I've been waiting for a similar monkstrap to go on sale for several years, though I wouldn't wear them with a suit. What do you think of the C&J Savile? This is the only stockist I've found after a quick search:http://www.grafford.se/varumrken/crockett-jones/savile-3(this picture is lighter than any others I've seen). It's a shame that PLal no longer stocks C&J, or I'd probably have a pair already.
This would be a great casual shoe for rainy days and EG shoes with Dainite soles are rare. If I didn't already own a special-order Dover (Edwardian antique) with a York(?) sole, a burgundy pebble grain blucher with Dainite soles from AS/Brooks Brothers, and a Sutor Mantellassi split toe blucher in the equivalent of dark oak, I would jump on this. In fact, if I could sell all three pairs and raise enough money to buy these, I'd consolidate!
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