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Sorry for the crap picture, but thoughts on the fit on this jacket. I definitely think it needs a few inches of waist suppression.
I may have what you are looking for. Its a 44. PM me if youre interested.`
Went thrifting for the first time in years ended up with a decent haul... Dolcepunta softpoint tie $1 Ted Baker $1 Two pairs of Canali slacks $3 each Armani Colezioni Sport Coat Black with gray pattern $5 Marks & Spencer Houndstooth Sportcoat $6 and the last item not sure who makes it but thought it would be good for the bay as I will never get use out of it in south Florida, Camel Full Length 55/45 Wool/Alpaca Double Breasted Overcoat with Patch Pockets Hand Tailored in...
After looking at pictures I think the 2-button will be the more flattering look. I am afraid of waistcoat showing too much beneath the button. Probably going to go with navy 2-button notch with glen plaid double breasted vest with shawl collar.
Going to be ordering a new suit and I am torn to go with 1-button or 2-button. The suit will be single breasted notch lapel with a double breasted waistcoat with shawl collar. Any thoughts?
What can I say, I am a junkie... at least I switched to .net with this website.
Hello all, I have been lurking on the site for the past week. Anyone have any experience with Just placed my first order with them. 29.95 for a basic white, but includes contrast collar and cuff of your choice and monogramming. Will let everyone know the fit when it gets here. Also, not sure if anyone has tried or, just got my first suit from for a shot, honestly not bad for sub 200 I ordered one from...
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