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Been listening to Mumford and Sons lately. What do you guy's think about their style? I think they pull it off pretty well.
This is a great DIY prject for sure... for $25 you got yourself a really nice belt. And I love the one hole, a nice touch that I've never seen before.
I'm new here at StyleForum so I just wanted to introduce myself to everybody. I look forward to discussing all things fashion with you guys. I've browsed around and see that there are a lot of very knowledgeable people here... I see I have a lot to learn! Cheers, Josh
Just came across these Chukka's from the collaboration of two Japanese brands Jam Home Made and Cause. I think they're pretty sweet but at $370 I'm not sure. Anybody heard of these or have any other suggestions? Cheers.
I like the blue one best.
Jaime Oliver's Food Revolution is a really good one.
It is original that's for sure.
Donnie Darko A serious man
Quote: Originally Posted by BlueHorseShoe This picture is too funny... and very wrong!
Quote: Originally Posted by SLeiber32 Check out some ski forums. The consensus is usually that UA stuff is way overpriced for the quality because of all the pro athlete marketing and better quality stuff can be had for cheaper. I agree check out ski / snowboard forums... they'll tell you about some good pairs. In my experience helly hansen are good, they keep you warm, breath well, and fit good, the only downside is that they're not the most...
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