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Can't go wrong with Dove for sensitive skin. I've used the Dr. Bronners pepermint in the liquid, never tried the bar. Really like the smell of the pepermint.
Van will surely close out the series in game 5 or 6. It'll be nice to see a Canadian team in the finals, even though it 's not the Canadiens! As for Boston vs. TB I think it is going to go to game 7 and who the hell knows what will happen. I'm feeling that Boston might finally pull it off if Tim Thomas keeps standing on his head. That stick save last night was insane!
Quote: Originally Posted by yjeezle just break up with her bro. then you don't have to fight about style.
I graduated with a business degree majoring in marketing and I must say that it was a good experience and I learnt a lot of valuable information. One complaint that I do have was the lack of focus on online businesses and marketing (especially since that's the industry that I am now in!). If I were you I would definitely suggest taking some e-commerce / social network marketing courses as these mediums are proving to be very effective and don't appear to be going...
Two Reel
Quote: Originally Posted by jarude I think Thomas will have met his match in Roloson. Wonder who will come out on top - Vezina favourite or playoff money goalie overachiever. Roloson has deffinitely been killing it at 41 years old! It'll be a good matchup.
I say Detroit is going to pull off the huge upset. Vancouver still goes to the final... What do you guys think? How about Boston vs. Tampa, that should be a good one too. I think Boston could pull it off, Thomas has been standing on his head!
I want these!
Quote: Originally Posted by burningbright Facebook is just one more time burglar amongst many in this digital age of ours. Well said. But it seems like there is no escaping it. I put off joining for a while and then caved in. And it's definitely a must for businesses to use as a marketing tool.
Quote: Originally Posted by habitant I don't like the sole or the leather patch on the heel.. I wasn't sure about the leather patch either. Just found these...
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