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The only reason the Bruins stayed in the game was because Thomas stood on his head just like he does time and time again. Luongo had a good game too but Thomas definitely has the edge. They better step their game up or else it is going to be a quick series. Yes Winnipeg is a lame city and the weather sucks, but at least the players will have real fans that actually know something about the game. I always imagined what it felt like for players to be in their home arena...
Saw it last night and I had a bunch of laugh out loud moments. Yes it is a stupid brainless movie and that's why it is funny! Equal to if not a little better then the first.
Quote: Originally Posted by Chargersfan Unless you call Tim Thomas grabbing a Lightning players' leg in front of the net and literally tripping him with his hands...well, it isn't illegal in the WWE. HAHAHAH
Quote: Originally Posted by kayaker Icebreaker merino boxer briefs, hands down. Yeah they're $43, but holy shit are they comfortable. 3 pair is all you need for a week-long trip - they never really smell the way synthetic materials do. Even if my underwear don't really smell, I still need to change them every day. There's something wrong with putting on a worn pair of underwear in the morning... but that's just me.
Quote: Originally Posted by Keroberos That said, Bettman's efforts to expand into non-traditional hockey markets seem to finally be paying dividends. Last year's draft included the first ever draftees from Florida (Boca Raton) and Nevada (Las Vegas). There is no doubt that Bettman is trying to popularize the NHL in the States. It is good to hear that young guys are coming out of the "non-traditional" hockey cities. Except the Coyotes are going...
Mad World - Gary Jules
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington So what do you all think. Should hockey players be encouraged to Tweet, or is it just asking for trouble? I agree that the coaches would definitely find it annoying. That being said, the fans will absolutely love it and when it comes down to it that's what matters. Players interacting more with fans will help the game gain popularity especially in the States where it still struggles. I don't get...
That was a crazy bounce, never seen that before. It even faked out the camera guys, watching it on tv. I had no idea how the puck went in. In close games it always seems to end with a shitty goal. Good for Vancouver though I hope they take the cup.
Dylan Ribkoff. And yes that is a biased opinion! Worth a look though if you are into underwear, you might be pleasently surprised.
Wow that 2xist deal is pretty good! Personally I think that more thought should be put into the underwear men buy. If you care so much about the rest of your woredrobe then why should your drawers suffer... I am extremely biased of coarse, just click the signature to see why...
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