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Just watched the video of Shanny explaining the Wisnewski incident... Neve saw such a detailed explanation before, along with a power point presentation!! The whole thing was kind of funny to me. In any case I agree with the suspension and hope that it deters more dirty hits.
Jay may have good lyrics but for me Kanye just flows better on this album.I've liked J. Cole for a while now haven't heard his album though, what's it called? The warm up mixtape is sick!
What do you guys think about the new Jay-Z Kanye album? I Scanned through it once so far and I'm still on the fence. I think Kanye's rhymes are better then Jay's though...
Quote: Originally Posted by jpeirpont Though not on the same scale, I enjoy Nas's and Damian's album they have good chemistry. +1 This album does not seem to be getting old.
Illmatic is a classic hands down, there is no debating it. It was written is probably my favorite from Nas though.
What a crazy series. The goaltending makes the biggest difference. I hope Luongo shows up in game 7 and the Canucks take the cup. The Bruins have played well and I think Thomas deserves it more then Luongo but as a Habs fan I can't be cheering for the Bruin's. I wanted a tight series but enough is enough already.
Just stumbled upon this... solid mohagony bike! I wonder how it performs?!
That's pretty funny from Lapierre. He's good at shit talking so that's what he does. As long as the game stays the same with fighting and the scrums between the whistles, people like Lapierre will be around. I hope Boston wins a game or two, a sweep would be pretty pathetic.
Quote: Originally Posted by linkinwayne celebrities = famous, and there's a naked paris hilton-like drawing on the patch, do the math Ahah
Not a huge fan of the name personally... apparently the idea of it came from steering away from having celebrities be the face for the products and letting the quality of the raw "naked" denim sell itself. But then why is it Naked and famous, shouldn't it just be naked?! I do like the guy and girl undressing feature, think it's a nice touch.
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