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thinking about kopping them[/quote] Sweet... Like this look.
The Habs aren't going to loose another 3 straight! They have some talent, they just got to get it together... it might involve Martin leaving, but who's going to replace him. Muller would be great I think, but I don't see that happening in Montreal! And if Martin has a defensive coaching style... where's their defense?! They'll still bounce back and make the playoffs in the end
I sent you a PM a little while ago regarding affiliates, but never heard back from you. Are you the peson to be talking to? If you can let me know that would be great.Good advice on the boots! If I'm going to be more then ankle deep in snow, hopefully I'll be wearing snowboard boots
I like the last pair too... Just wondering how waterproof they are?!
Canadiens shut out by the Maple Leafs... Sad Day
I'll have to try out the wigwam socks. They look good and I like the fact that they are made in the USA.
Ballin!! Guess they figured that they might as well go all out on the ring because it's going to be a while before the next one!
I just can't get myself to wear Sorel's as my day to day boot. I thought that these would be a good compromise of style and function. They do apparently have a Vibram sole, so the grip should be sufficient. Thanks for the feedback!
The fact that these are Gore-Tex I think will help a lot. I have a pair of Gore-Tex hiking boots and they stay dry on the inside even when soaked on the outside. It's the salt that I think will cause the most damage! Salt stains on your boots are the worst... Can't stand the people that walk around in their Ugg's that look like a giant salt stain.
What are you guys feeling for Winter boots this season? Living in Montreal I need something can handle our harsh conditions, but want something that looks sweet at the same time. I saw a nice pair of Clarks Wallabees with a fur liner, but I think these would hold up better.
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