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Do you have a pic of the first white RL shirt laid out?
Quote: Originally Posted by dmash1080 Mine isn't lasting very long either....... I kind of expected this to last longer than a couple hours. Is this normal for Creed? I'd expect a pricey cologne to last longer. I'm not trying to accuse the seller of anything - just curious if this is normal for Creed
So is the navy suit okay or should I go with the tuxedo rental?
Quote: Originally Posted by edmorel If you are wearing a tux, rental or not, wear a bow. noted Quote: Originally Posted by patrickBOOTH I don't know, but I really like your avatar. It's Keeley Hazell. They're real and they are spectacular
I've read some of the other threads here, but had some questions for my situation. I'm going to see Clapton/Marsalis next Thursday at the Lincoln center. It's a "bluesy blacktie" event, which I think just means it's a black tie event. I don't own a tux and was going to wear a dark navy suit with a white shirt and black patterned tie, but my friend said to either go with a black suit (I don't like the fit) or rent a tux. Is the navy suit a bad idea? If so, I'll...
For those of you that got this, how many sprays do you use? I've used 1.5 (the first one always seems to be weak) and I feel like it doesn't last long. I have a Burberry Brit and I can smell that well into the evening. I also spray on my chest.
Do you have two SF accounts? Why are two people indicating drops? Also - can you provide flat measurements of the waist on both pants?
Do you have other measurements (p2p, sleeves, etc)?
This would be perfect for a wedding I'm going to in a couple months. I wish I had an extra 950 lying around
Quote: Originally Posted by taxgenius Wall St. Any idea about the quality of other tie I made reference to? I stopped by the Wall st one a couple months back and they barely had any men's clothing there. Did I just go at a wrong time?
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