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Quote: Originally Posted by imschatz What is your ideal outcome of going to your old boss and telling him you're new superior is an idiot? Well, in a perfect world, he would fire him, but I don't mean the guy any harm (especially since he's expecting his first child in August). I would either hope that my boss already realizes that or that he would take my feelings into thought and assess himself. I guess ideally, I would like to see him...
Not really sure who to ask, so I figure I'll give it a shot here since you're all the most level-headed people Background, I was recently hired by a company that does websites and they never had a server administrator to, well, administer the servers and manage them. So I was brought in about 3 months ago and things have been going pretty well. Recently, my manager, who oversees the entire IT operation (we have offices all over the country) hired a new...
Can we make it mandatory that if you do price drops, that all previous prices are included in the original post? $100 > $90 > $80 etc Some people just change edit the price and I get the feeling sometimes they don't always drop.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tony Romo If you're going to sell an item, at least be responsive and cooperative. Same goes for buyers though. I get PMs from people saying "I'd like to buy this item, is it still available?" I PM them 15 minutes later saying, "blah blah blah, yes, my paypal is xxxxx" and I never hear from them again. The best is when I get "Can you give me measurements and pictures of this, this, and this?" Then I spend the time doing all...
Dunno if Century 21's are around your area, but they have a lot of Hugo Boss slim fits for around $40-50.
I'd pass. I have an athletic build so I see myself in the same situation (jacket size is good, pants too big). Just be patient
I was wondering if any of you have discomfort in the heel area with your desert boots? I have a pair of clark's and another one from J&M and they both give me discomfort in the heel where I've developed some serious callous. The shoes are neither too tight or too loose. Anybody use heel pads or any insoles to alleviate?
Quote: Originally Posted by ezlau yeah i meant buyer. sorry Thats why you sell your stuffs on styleforum. Less shady f*ggots. watch out, the NBA will fine you for that
Quote: Originally Posted by AmusedToD Thanks guys. I thought so. Nobody would sell a "worn once, as new" original Armani suit for 50 EUR, since the retail prices here go well over 1000 EUR. Unless that's the Buy It Now price, I find most sellers do better when they're asking price is lower and dumb people will continuously keep bidding.
Given what liquidus said, I would find something that fits the legs/thigh/seat better and adjust accordingly. I've lost some weight over the years and had waist taken in, but the legs were still baggy and the crotch area looked awkward. Not everything is created equal so you there's no standard for this. Find the best overall fit and then adjust
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