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I totally missed out on an auction for this and they don't seem to be on sale anywhere. I know this is a long shot
Buffalo Jeans - Bought a couple years ago but have never worn. They were tailored to 29" and the tailor kept the original hem on the hem. Check the pictures of the hem Price drop --> 30
1. Gaucci Golf - $50 CONUS - Got this as a gift from a Korean friend and it never fit me well. Jacket has been tailored (taken in from back and sleeves shortened). Very light jacket - great for summer. Quality fabric and good craftsmanship. Measurements: P2P: 23" S2S: 18" Sleeve: 24.25" Length: 31" 3. Olive Green Barney's New York Jacket $45 CONUS - Got this from another SF member awhile back and was never really my style. Jacket is made in Italy. 85% Wool/15%...
Yes which is the reason why I'm looking to see how much it's worth so I can sell it. I got it as a gift
Anybody have info on this Burberry travel bag? I couldn't find anything that matched this item anywhere. Thanks!
I should note at my 2 month stint, when I quit, they were "disappointed" that I didn't go to them to explain my qualms about the job and they would've helped me to do something of at that sort. Now at the time, I figured he was bullshitting, but with this situation, I don't want to just hold it in.
Quote: Originally Posted by tesuquegolfer Tread lightly. The big boss might be offended that you are questioning his judgement if he hired the guy. In time, your new manager will more than likely show his ignorance or lack of knowledge. If it ends up becoming more of a problem, you might have to look for a new job. I have worked with a lot of ignorant people and wondered how they got to the position they did and have yet to figure a way to out them. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by alliswell No point taking a problem to your old boss without a solution too. Noted
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