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So no one has any recommendations? I searched the net and the forums and couldn't find anything
I have the Filson Apolis http://store.apolisglobal.com/event/store.item/itemGUID/e6f653ca-66e0-4a77-b1f0-edf4e348c6d1/ and I'm wondering what's the best way to clean the bag? Is there any way to retain the sturdiness? Mine's taken quite the abuse and would like to see if I can clean it up.
I have a black Armani Collezioni black sports jacket made in Italy. Buttons are worn a little, but otherwise, the jacket is in great condition. It is 100% virgin wool. Measurements P2P: 21.5" S2S: 18" Sleeve from shoulder: 26.5" Length from back: 33.75" $85 CONUS. Any questions, please let me know.
Large Linen Vest by Uniqlo. I bought this about 1.5 years ago from the SoHo store, but never wore it. Never really my style. It's a large, but it would fit a 40" chest snugly. Measurements P2P: 19.5" S2S: 14" Length on back: 22" Longest point on front: 25.5" Never worn, no tags and have the extra button as well. Any questions - let me know. Thanks,
my mistake. I received this as a gift several years ago. Gonna close the listing
Do you have more pics? Opened, back?
nope. I'd probably lose them also
nah, not looking for fingerless
Didn't really see a thread on these. Just wondering if any of you have a pair. Thinking about getting Agloves http://www.amazon.com/Agloves-Original-Touchscreen-Gloves-Texting/dp/B005GXMM5W nothing fancy. Anybody have anything they recommend?
That's why I always wait til the last minute to jump on an auction. I never understood why people make a bid earlier than they need to
New Posts  All Forums: