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Yeah - I agree and it's just a Gift receipt with no real description.
I know I should be wary of fakes, but this one seems legit to me. Seller doesn't have a lot of feedback (51 to be exact with perfect rating) and has mostly been a buyer. The one exception as a seller was a similar Burberry jacket at the same price (unfortunately, the auction is older than 90 days and I couldn't find a cached version on Google). I couldn't search for this type of jacket anywhere on Google to find a match, but it seems legit, perhaps you guys can prove me...
probably just leftovers from previous sale sitting around or returns.
Looking to purchase one of these if any of you have one for sale. I see the site has a pre-order for December but looking to see if any of you out there are selling
So the Filson Small Carry-on would be a good option? It seems big enough to carry the things that I bring on a daily basis to work. Does styleforum have any coupons with Filsons?
Hey guys - long time reader, first time poster! So it seems to be some sort of dislike on men's Coach bags as I was searching through the forum but I thought I'd ask anyways to see if any of your opinions have changed . What do you guys think of this bag? http://www.prettydeal.com/1010-coach...bag-70283.html It's advertised as a men's bag on other sites, but I can see this being feminine. I'm looking to get a new laptop bag that can hold more just a laptop (a...
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