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I was looking to purchase these for the winter but I'm having a hard time finding any reviews. There's one on but not very detailed. Curious if any of you own a pair. I know Wolverine's make quality boots but curious about the sizing/fit of the boots.
I like it dry
I was gonna take her to a restaurant near Central Park and maybe stroll through the park earlier in the day, but perhaps I'll opt for finding a nicer place for dinner than a gift.
Fortunately, never need it
My 1 year dating anniversary is coming up and taking the gal out to nice dinner and drinks in NYC. I'm also trying to find a gift around $350-450 range. I've bought a white gold necklace with a small diamond for her 30th and she doesn't really wear any other jewelry. Occasionally she wears earrings when going out. I was thinking of getting her a new hand bag (mid-size with handle/shoulder) in a brown shade. She's not a huge brand name person and most of what she buys...
Does anyone know if this rip can be repaired? If yes, about how much would it cost? Thanks!
Also - around where should I be paying as a percentage of my salary? I'm hearing ~%25-30 of the gross income. Right now, it seems I am paying about 18%
Cool - that's good to know
I'm going to be moving out of my current apartment after about 4 years with a roommate and wanted to know if anyone had any good tips/tools for finding no-fee apartments in NY. I had friends of friends find some good deals for studios in UES for about $1200/month. I'm looking to stay under $1300-1400 with no roommates. I'm currently in Astoria and wouldn't mind staying in the area as well. I've been searching through craigslist, padmappers, ebay classifieds, and of...
Anybody have suggestions?
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