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http://www.notre-shop.com/collections/s-n-s-herningI just recently bought my stark from Notre. They have some starks in small and a coupon that gives you 20% off your first purchase. Not sure about shipping to Canada.
$5 off when you send $100 at Uniqlo: UNIQLO2YR
I know gustin is more into workwear, but I'd be really interested in a blazer or topcoat in that herringbone fabric.
He called you a noob, which really isn't that offensive. You in turn call him a towel head. Seems like you overreacted. Maybe you should just apologize so we can carry on.
Calm the fuck down. Towel head? Really?
I ordered a pair off the chukkas on September 17th and am still waiting for them to bill me. Not sure if this wait time is normal. They did say to allow 20 days between ordering and billing/shipment.
I could be wrong but the new ones feel thinner to me.
Anyone have the duke jacket who can comment on the fit and what it's like in person? I've been looking around to buy an international but the duke looks pretty similar and is available at a good price right now.
House Martell muthahfuckah!!
Thanks man, just copped one. Good deal, and good luck with the store!
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