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Rain-repellent Tin Cloth and durable Bridle Leather combine in this 48-Hour Duffel bag built for overnight and weekend trips. The rustproof brass zipper opening allows full bag access, and the interior is fully lined to protect gear. The base is reinforced to help it maintain shape while you're packing, and to further protect from mud and rain. A removable, adjustable cotton webbing shoulder strap and Bridle Leather handles long enough to sling over your shoulder give...
The thing is he's just not funny despite trying really really hard. I mean "petunia" "panty liners"??? If you're gonna play the role of the resident asshole who makes dickhead comments all the time you at least should be funny otherwise it's just annoying.
Yeah, Drew fucked everyone, there are no jackets, and the money is gone.
Thanks I'll finally be able to get some sleep now.
FYI there seems to be a separate page for "Super Extra Double Discounted Products!!!" with products that aren't listed under the regular sample sale. Here's the direct link:
I don't find your comments near as disturbing as the ones umiranb made in the post above. Not sure if any of that is actually true but if it is that's taking it waaaaay too far and is creepy as fuck.
Haha, so not only do you look like a dbag but you actually are one too.
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