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How do SNS pieces stretch over time? I have a fisherman crew that is a little tight on me but thinking with a little wear and stretch it would probably be fine. Also, do they tend to shrink a lot after dry cleaning?
How do Gustin chinos compare to Unis Gios? Anyone own both care to weigh in?
Selling these brand new with tags pair of Unis Gio chinos in Forest. These are exceptional quality chinos with a slim fit. They are sized 32" waist and 35" inseam (standard inseam for all Unis chinos). Below is the description from the Unis website. THE Unis pant. The Gio has a flat front, medium rise, and slim, tapered leg. Expertly tailored out of a substantial, 100% cotton twill from Italy, and then garment-dyed and enzyme washed. The Gios are sturdy yet soft, and...
You could post a photo, some information about him, and the story of how he completely swindled a bunch of people and got away with hundreds of thousands of dollars. That way it might show up if anyone did some research on him. Could serve as a warning to anyone thinking about going into business with this clown. Barring any legal repercussions coming his way this might be the only way to get some kind of justice.
Really? You do? Personally, I hope he's out of business by then, selling knock-off gucci purses to tourists on the street, surviving on cans of Alpo that he shares with his dog. And I mean the generic Alpo shit, not even their premium cuts line. Forget about Eukanuba or Blue Buffalo.
So is anyone willing to proxy the salt sample sale?
Guys who defended Drew so long are probably the same people who are really into cuckold porn.
The greatest trick Drew Keith ever pulled was convincing Styleforum that their jackets existed.
Why not just go with Tanner? It's the same price and the service is reliable.
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