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Apparently, they don't ask for payment until they are ready to ship. Here is my experience with them so far. I placed an order on September 16th, after which I received confirmation that my order was placed, and then did not receive the request for payment until October 21st. I sent payment the next day through PayPal, which went through, and.......nothing. No tracking, no confirmation that they received payment, nothing. Not sure if this is normal with them, but it...
You're right, that was unnecessary I guess. Just tired of him shitting up every other thread he posts in.
Dear Snoopy, Can you please stop with your constant useless and inane posts? This forum will greatly thank you. Sincerely, -A humble SF Member
Jesus Christ I was too slow! I had like 15 things in my cart, go to check out and all but two things disappeared. Ended up with just a couple of scarves. Crap
I was actually speaking based off my experience with the brand and not that sweatshirt in particular, so I guess ignore what I said. It looks like they provide measurements in that link you posted so I would size it based on that.
You should size up one for those, they run small.
Love that fit. Details on the jacket?
http://www.notre-shop.com/collections/s-n-s-herningI just recently bought my stark from Notre. They have some starks in small and a coupon that gives you 20% off your first purchase. Not sure about shipping to Canada.
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