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Worn once and washed once. Great piece, just not my style. Here's the description from Mister Freedom's website: * NOS American all cotton tubular jersey knit (no side seams) * Lightweight and soft * Close fitting early undershirt silhouette * Traditional flat over-lock construction * Contrast placket lining, assorted colors * Contrast 2 by 1 ribbed collar band * Baby over-lock bottom “rolling” edge * Metal NOS European military buttons, some models with fabric covered...
Thanks for the advice. I guess I figured he would just duplicate the original hem. It's my own fault I'm sure. What would you call the type of hem on the 3rd and 4th photos? Where the stitching is straight across and more visible on the outside? Also is a blind stitch like that suitable for chinos?
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I'm a novice when it comes to getting things tailored so figured I would ask this here. I took a pair of chinos to my local cleaners to get hemmed and wanted to know of this was acceptable. They did not duplicate the original stitching on the hem which is what I expected. Full disclosure I only paid $10. And the same pair in a different color for reference:
http://www.josbank.com/menswear/shop/Product_11001_10050_101593 Shoe trees $8.50 a pair with free shipping. Saw this on slickdeals.
Thanks for the info. That's kind of what I suspected. I'm looking for strictly a dress belt and don't really want anything too thick so I think I'll pass. Have no doubt it's great quality though. Everything I've bought from Kent has been really nice.
Is there anyone who owns Kent's belt willing to post some pictures. I'm interested but I'm having a hard time picturing what it looks like from the website photos. It almost seems like a cross between a dress belt and a casual belt.
No it's still going on. Deal ends the 24th (tomorrow).
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+1Lighten up Francis (brad). You were the one who chose to post the photo of her and put it out there for everyone. As soon as you do that you assume the risk that people are going to make comments, not all which are positive. Knowing this forum you should likewise know you're going to get some immature comments. Don't get mad at the internet for being the internet. Seriously get off your high horse. If it were that important to you that no one make comments, here's a...
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