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Glad to see the jacket preview too. I've been waiting for some kind of overcoat. Any more info on this? Do you plan on offering one in herringbone? I'll be backing regardless.
@joshgustin Do you plan on offering a belt in a smaller width? Like say 1.25"?
Embrace it. It looks great. It will all wear in eventually anyway. They are meant to get that beat up worn in look.
Selling this brand new flannel I picked up from Self Edge's warehouse sale. This retailed for $270, but I paid a little over $110 for it during the sale. I'm just looking to make my money back. Asking $99 plus $5 for shipping. Fits closer to a small. PM if interested.
Haha, I'm the fool? Dude your questions we kind of ridiculous and I still gave you a valid suggestion of just buying a whole bunch of shit and return what you don't like since they have a good return policy.So do you still need help picking colors?
Just buy a bunch of everything and return what you don't like. Shipping for orders over $50 is free and I think it's only like 6 or 8 bucks for return shipping. Do you need help picking colors too?
I find the cut strange. Like for guys with huge guts and skinny arms. The sleeves on mine are tight but then it flares out alot at the hip. I would have sized down but then there would be no way my arms would fit.
Stitches, details on the jacket? Is that a barbour sapper?
Still haven't gotten my shipping info. Order #AR900568. I won't hold my breath.
How are sweaters, scarves, buttondowns, and jackets unwearable? I thought there were a ton of staples and not even in odd sizes/colors/patterns. Did you get to the sale really late after everything was picked over?
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