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With the whole TOJ fiasco going on it made me wonder if Gustin would ever consider making leather jackets to fill that void. Also would you guys ever offer a MTM option for shirts/jackets or do you plan on sticking with standard sizing? @joshgustin????
What a snake in the grass. If anything the owners of Libertine are learning a lesson from all this - think twice before going into business with this guy again. What's unbelievable is that he still fails to even address the elephant in the room or offer any kind of an apology to the people whose money he took.
What's wrong with sneakers? What would you prefer some penny loafers?
20% off at haberdash
Hey @LA Guy, might want to fix that link.Edit: and 30% off select items and https://www.carsonstreetclothiers.com/
Just got the lady the navy zippered tote for $91 shipped. Hope it's not too heavy for her. Anybody ever purchased this for their SO? Thoughts?
So the current promo code does not work with this sale?
Thanks for the update, looking forward to it!
@LA Guy Any news on that Johnson's moto you mentioned a little while back? Is there a thread devoted to that yet?
@masshi post a picture of your skin issues so I can feel bad for you.
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