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Submitted a question through Filson's website explaining my issue. Got this response in less than 3 minutes. Pretty nice customer service so far. Hi XXXX, Thank you very much for contacting Filson. We are often able to make repairs to our products, and most of the time these repairs are covered under our warranty, except in some rare cases where there may be a small charge. If you would like, you are more than welcome to send this item in to be evaluated by our...
Yeah, I mean I was a little surprised because the only cause was friction. Not like I got it snagged on anything. I've been taking it to work everyday for the past 2 years but haven't really beat it up or anything, I work in an office.I'll reach out to Filson. I'm all for the weathered broken in look but not sure I want a gaping hole on my bag.
Question: What exactly does the Filson warranty cover? I have a small hole developing on the seam of the outer flap on my briefcase. I think it's from rubbing against my thigh since I wear it slung across my body. It's not bad now but I would probably want to get it repaired at some point. If these minor things aren't covered under the warranty, what do small repairs generally run?
I can't speak for the other poster, but my white tee is not see through at all and, in my opinion, can function as both an undershirt and as a standalone.
+1 Mine is not see through at all.
Since most people here have complaints about delayed delivery times (which to be fair I myself have experienced on each of my other orders), I figured I'd share my most recent experience with Gustin. I backed the 1968s which were expected to ship in May, received them March 28th, way ahead of schedule. They fit great and the specs line up with Gustin's size chart. Very pleased with the purchase and the early delivery!
+1 I'd be interested in a non button down.
Ok I misused the word quality. I was more using it as a blanket term, didn't really mean durability or construction, etc. My bad.You managed to completely avoid the question though. Can you give me an alternative in that price range? And while I understand what your saying about not limiting yourself by price....some people are in fact limited by price. Or in my case just not willing to spend thousands on a jacket. In which case maybe there isn't an alternative that's as...
Right. So can you tell me where I can buy a jacket of better or similar quality for the same price as a TOJ? Not being a smartass. Serious question.
Damn brad that's really nice. Got a Jack White / Edward Scissorhands thing going on. What's the leather on the lapels? Looks like croc or snakeskin.
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