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I don't find your comments near as disturbing as the ones umiranb made in the post above. Not sure if any of that is actually true but if it is that's taking it waaaaay too far and is creepy as fuck.
Haha, so not only do you look like a dbag but you actually are one too.
Yes the jeans will stretch....the question is will they stretch enough.
@Caligari is your avatar a screenshot from the movie Sideways?
How about you gtfo with your bitchy ass attitude. Dude asked one simple question and you derail the thread with your insanity.
Pretty sure when something is listed as final sale it can't be returned. Check their return policy or just email them.
The bag's journey? Dude it's a bag. It's not on a journey.
Time to get back on that Safeway cookie diet.
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