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Your right that fit was pretty weak. Here's one of me from the other day. Think it's a little better.
Haha......it was a joke dude
No clue what this bro is talking about. That's just me chillin at the henge with some of my bros.
Just got my t-shirt 3 pack last night. They are really nice! Too bad they are too small on me. I ordered mediums since I'm a medium in their shirts, but should have sized up.
The first time I got a pair of gustin jeans the fly was sewed on backwards. I emailed them and they also said that's just how they make them.
I have a dream that one day my fellow forum members will be judged not by the number of their posts but by their content.
Looks like you're levitating in the first pic.
Do people here actually respect what members say simply if they have a higher post count? Cause if that's the case I'm going to take a picture of my dick and post it 10,000 times in obscure threads just to get my post cout up so people will take what I have to say seriously. Then when I have you all fooled that I am a fashion guru and have influenced countless members, convincing them all to dress like zak bagans, I will reveal to you all that I have no idea what I'm...
New Posts  All Forums: