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The greatest trick Drew Keith ever pulled was convincing Styleforum that their jackets existed.
Why not just go with Tanner? It's the same price and the service is reliable.
Selling these brand new with tags pair of LVC 1967 505 jeans in kong (black). They are 32x32. Slim tapered fit. Great pair of jeans, just don't fit me. PM for measurements or more pictures.
My Carson order shipped already. For what it's worth I had no issue with their site. Also, Penfield has some final reductions. I have one of their rain jackets and its pretty nice. http://penfield.com/sale/mens
Some pretty deep discounts..... https://www.carsonstreetclothiers.com/shop/sale
I believe they have a discount for SF members.
Yikes. With statements like these did people really not think of this guy as a complete douchebag before this whole fiasco???
I think maybe the lack of sympathy / treating this like a spectacle derives from the fact that the aggrieved party are a bunch of guys on SF who have paid hundreds or even thousands of dollars on mtm leather fashion jackets. It's not like Drew scammed a ton of elderly people out of their retirement funds. I think if that were the case, people would view this situation as much more grave than they are. And, before I get shit all over, I AM NOT saying that you all do not...
With the whole TOJ fiasco going on it made me wonder if Gustin would ever consider making leather jackets to fill that void. Also would you guys ever offer a MTM option for shirts/jackets or do you plan on sticking with standard sizing? @joshgustin????
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