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20% off at haberdash
Hey @LA Guy, might want to fix that link.Edit: and 30% off select items and https://www.carsonstreetclothiers.com/
Just got the lady the navy zippered tote for $91 shipped. Hope it's not too heavy for her. Anybody ever purchased this for their SO? Thoughts?
So the current promo code does not work with this sale?
Thanks for the update, looking forward to it!
@LA Guy Any news on that Johnson's moto you mentioned a little while back? Is there a thread devoted to that yet?
@masshi post a picture of your skin issues so I can feel bad for you.
Wait, you feel bad for her? Aren't you the guy who eats nothing but Safeway cookies so you could afford like 3 TOJs????
Submitted a question through Filson's website explaining my issue. Got this response in less than 3 minutes. Pretty nice customer service so far. Hi XXXX, Thank you very much for contacting Filson. We are often able to make repairs to our products, and most of the time these repairs are covered under our warranty, except in some rare cases where there may be a small charge. If you would like, you are more than welcome to send this item in to be evaluated by our...
Yeah, I mean I was a little surprised because the only cause was friction. Not like I got it snagged on anything. I've been taking it to work everyday for the past 2 years but haven't really beat it up or anything, I work in an office.I'll reach out to Filson. I'm all for the weathered broken in look but not sure I want a gaping hole on my bag.
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