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tanner goods? and will be doing some traveling soon, want a smaller camera to take along and leave the dslr at home fuji x100s ( i am intrigued by the fixed lens, been shooting with the 30mm prime with the dslr recently) or the more well rounded sony rx 100 ii (i realize these are two different cameras, but sure i would love either)
why? scared of stains? spray them. wear them. roughed up suede has an endearing quality that i think looks great.
with the end of the year approaching, what is everyone's favorite makeup of the year? either something that you were able to get or wish you had. maybe something you don't see that often (#8 w/antique edging), a re-stock of particularly nice shade of "rare shell", or just something that works well for you that you didn't think it would. this is the year i gave up chasing "classic/ timeless" dress shoes and focussed more on shoes that fit into my style/wardrobe I think my...
For sale are two pair of suede Aldens, both size 9D on the plaza last. Each of these pairs was purchased from J. Gilbert in Seattle, and have been worn sparingly. First up is a six-eyelet chukka in brown suede, with antique edge trim and commando sole. These are just slightly too roomy for me. I sprayed them with suede protector when I got them. I have worn approximately 5 times, and as such, are in like new condition. These retail for $595 when new, and are sold out...
a tip for those who would like to search the thread, and styleforum in general. in google, enter "search term site:styleforum.net". so for the deerbone you would enter "deerbone alden site:styleforum.net". i've found this yields better results than the forum search function.
what's worse - sizing questions in the APC thread circa 2010 or the uncle/nephew dynamic (and the refusal to use spoilers) in the alden thread of present day?
excitement waned. this one fit much larger than the S/S bedford that I have in the same size, even though the measurements are very similar. sent the jacket back. the size smaller is still available but i feel like i could do a lot better for ~ $500, unfortunately.
thanks bakes. i am looking at the hummus suede nst from LS, they only have a 9D left as of yesterday. based on my experience with my plaza shoes (suede shortwing from j. gilbert which i am thinking about putting up on b&s), i originally inquired about the availability of an 8.5D from LS.
could anyone comment on the hampton last sizing versus the plaza last? trying to decide on my hampton sizing. i measure 9D on the brannock, with a low volume foot with narrow heel and normal width forefoot. i find that a 9D in a plaza boot fits me well, but a 9D in a plaza shoe is just a little too roomy. trying to decide between 8.5 or 9 on hampton
anyone have an in the wild shot of the hummus suede nst offered by LS a few months back?
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