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sizing on buttero sneakers - if I wear a 42 in CP achilles should i get a 42 in buttero? i read they might run a little long.
42 in CP achilles = ? in buttero sneakers?
loving these so far. 6-eyelet chukka on plaza
mlb/espn certainly wants to see this.
i should have known that would end in a very painful way. we have one of the best closers in the pen and we don't use him. and then 3 of our better players strike out 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 9th. very fitting for this season. and of course McCann 0-4 with 4 k's in probably his last game as a Brave. congrats kid, good luck next round.
how in the hell did you guys notice those shoes in that iphone commerical? [[SPOILER]]
i am wearing the largest possible rally cap in hopes of a miracle braves win tonight so that i can read at least another day or two worth of articles questioning mattingly for starting kershaw on short rest instead of articles questioning gonzalez for starting garcia. in a dream world mccann hits a game deciding grand slam and does the tomahawk chop while rounding the bases to troll everyone for saying the braves are overly concerned with baseball traditions but who am i...
not confirmed by alden, still a pipe dream at this point. no idea why a 6-eyelet chukka isn't a stock makeup with so many people seemingly having a tough time with the 2-eyelet version...
got an email from yenni this morning, swung by on my lunch break. been waiting for this makeup for 8 months or so and they turned out better than i'd hoped. 6-eyelet suede chukka, brown suede, commando sole, plaza last
whelp, kershaw was awesome, and the braves were terrible. there's always tomorrow i guess. i don't have a problem with them leaving uggla off of the roster, he's been awful for the better part of a season and a half. i hope this signifies the end of his run in atl, but i doubt they'll eat that contract nor find anyone to take him. this gif pretty much sums up bj's season (too large to post): http://i.minus.com/iboiY3QEAC4mw4.gif
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