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think i counted 9 who would go for the design with the medallion. i've only been on this for a few days and i'm already anxious to get folks on board, no idea how you stuck with it for so long hoit.
i understand your position. which one do you care about more? since you initiated the GMTO (i think) you should just make one of those items non-negotiable, and if folks drop out then so be it. seems like the medallion is a bigger deal because you can always get them resoled down the line, but you can't add a medallion. as i've mentioned before, i have warmed up to the idea of the medallion and am in either way.
I vote Danite only because I'm in Seattle and it rains here even more now, but don't fell strongly. Double leather is probably more comfortable.I've also eased my stance on the medalion. Prefer without but could roll with it if the group wants it.
Alden x anatomica. These fit larger than other modified last shoes I have that are the same tagged size. Works with thicker socks but a bit disappointing because the modified last shoes I have are easily my best fitting Aldens
Newest boots, captoe on modified from anatomica.
i don't know, maybe i should go over there and get a signed and notarized letter before requesting mdubs take J Gilbert off the retailer list on the front page?
[[SPOILER]] I'll throw it out there that you should look for a black or snuff boot that is not an indy style, for variety sake. although i will say the pair of black indys i had were some of the most complimented aldens i ever had. my personal favorites are the snuff roy boots i have from context.also can confirm j. gilbert is no longer offering aldens, happened by the shop the other day and they had converted the space that was once devoted to alden to women's shoes. ...
psa the moulded shoe instagram shows that they have a limited run of some #8 medalian cap toes on modified available.
my version of @ironclad's list would include: "pay way, way to much to get a makeup from the foreign market." I have modified last cap toe boot currently en route from Anatomica. the ordering process has been fun in a weird way. trying to triangulate the details of the makeup between emails from Anatomica and forum posts. two calls to the store, having to wait a few days to actually place my order until the "guy with the paypal password" gets back in town. now tracking...
did Alden once upon a time offer an option to get an A/D instead of A/C or B/D? I think they did and the combo last marketing is a carryover from that time
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