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me too, i pretty much always prefer the dark edge on #8 models, which seems more versatile to me.size 9D.
thanks to the dude that passed up on the pre-order for these due to a mix-up from the factory on edge color... #8 nst boot on aberdeen, commando soles from brick + morter
this is my least favorite thing about alden. doesn't help that some of their best makeups are on the barrie last which happens to feature a heel cup approximately the size of a cantaloupe.
slightly off-topic, but can anyone compare the sizing of C&J 341 last to the popular Alden lasts? I'm eyeballing the Brecon chukka but have no experience with C&J. For reference I'm 8.5D/9C on trubalance, 9C in modified, 9D in plaza, haven't found a good barrie fit.
my most comfortable aldens are 9C on the modified last. what should i go for on the grant last?
maybe they just don't have your specific size? you can select "B" width in the drop down for the 990https://www.aldenshop.com/Store/DrawProducts.aspx?CategoryID=47&ParentID=94&PageID=&Action=
joe - alden sf shows the ptb in stock in B widths on their website. might be worth ordering one of those just to check the size
catching up on the thread - the snuff roys are awesome. the suede is tougher than it gets credit for, and the double waterloc leather sole is my fav alden sole i think.
not exactly an exotic rotation, but it gets the job done. clockwise from top left: unlined #8 utip, modified 9C from Anatomica unlined snuff ptb, modified 9C from Anatomica workman oxford, trubalance 8.5D from the Shoemart natural cxl indy, commando sole, trubalance 9C from Leffot snuff roy boot, trubalance 8.5D from Context black indy, trubalance 9C form Alden SF
For sale is an Archival Clothing duffel bag. Used sparingly, there’s lots of use left in this bag. Asking $100 $75 which includes shipping to CONUS I am open to offers. Thanks for looking!
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