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i don't know, maybe i should go over there and get a signed and notarized letter before requesting mdubs take J Gilbert off the retailer list on the front page?
[[SPOILER]] I'll throw it out there that you should look for a black or snuff boot that is not an indy style, for variety sake. although i will say the pair of black indys i had were some of the most complimented aldens i ever had. my personal favorites are the snuff roy boots i have from context.also can confirm j. gilbert is no longer offering aldens, happened by the shop the other day and they had converted the space that was once devoted to alden to women's shoes. ...
psa the moulded shoe instagram shows that they have a limited run of some #8 medalian cap toes on modified available.
my version of @ironclad's list would include: "pay way, way to much to get a makeup from the foreign market." I have modified last cap toe boot currently en route from Anatomica. the ordering process has been fun in a weird way. trying to triangulate the details of the makeup between emails from Anatomica and forum posts. two calls to the store, having to wait a few days to actually place my order until the "guy with the paypal password" gets back in town. now tracking...
did Alden once upon a time offer an option to get an A/D instead of A/C or B/D? I think they did and the combo last marketing is a carryover from that time
Does anyone have advice for for getting a VAT refund from phone/online orders from Anatomica (I'm in the U.S.)? I bought two pairs from them in person a few years ago and got the refund by filling out the paperwork at the airport before leaving the continent. I'm in the process of placing and order via email and not sure how to go about VAT refund this time around.
i'm placing an order with Anatomica Paris, and they're asking if I have a preferred shipping company (I'm in the states). Can anyone recommend one where I'm least likely to get killed in fees? It's a pair of Aldens, so I need to ask them to mark the package as US goods, correct?
do shoe companies like alden continually work on developing new lasts? what is the newest alden last?
thanks, i finally got a hold of them. they answered my initial email really quickly then went silent for a few days. i've also been into the store and they were super helpful and there makeups are really nice.
For sale is a pair of Alden indy oxfords in brown cxl, on the trubalance last with a double leather sole. These are a size 8.5D, and the general forum consensus is that the trubalance last runs 1/2 size large. Purchased from The Shoemart about a year ago. However, I don’t wear them all that often so these saw limited action and were always stored using shoe trees. There’s plenty of life left in the soles and heels. I am open to offers. Thanks for looking!
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