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i had a pair that i loved but were slightly too small, so i sold (bought the brown cxls after i decided to sell). sometimes i wish i still had the nat cxl, but in a better size. old pics:note on the brown chukka which is slightly too roomy in the heel and it get's annoying by the end of the day. exchanged emails with nick v, and he said that they could add a back liner (what they would do to repair the leather lining if it had a hole in it) to tighten up the heel. ...
i would call either alden sf or alden dc to inquire. however, i think i read somewhere that they don't produce anything on the leydon above an E
you can get something similar from context. they offer a snuff suede roy boot on the trubalance and double waterloc. wore mine today.
with this recent stretch of no rain fall seattle weather, my run of nothing but suede continues (snuff suede wingtip, plaza last from J. Gilbert) [[SPOILER]]
sizing on buttero sneakers - if I wear a 42 in CP achilles should i get a 42 in buttero? i read they might run a little long.
42 in CP achilles = ? in buttero sneakers?
loving these so far. 6-eyelet chukka on plaza
mlb/espn certainly wants to see this.
i should have known that would end in a very painful way. we have one of the best closers in the pen and we don't use him. and then 3 of our better players strike out 1-2-3 in the bottom of the 9th. very fitting for this season. and of course McCann 0-4 with 4 k's in probably his last game as a Brave. congrats kid, good luck next round.
how in the hell did you guys notice those shoes in that iphone commerical? [[SPOILER]]
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