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what's worse - sizing questions in the APC thread circa 2010 or the uncle/nephew dynamic (and the refusal to use spoilers) in the alden thread of present day?
excitement waned. this one fit much larger than the S/S bedford that I have in the same size, even though the measurements are very similar. sent the jacket back. the size smaller is still available but i feel like i could do a lot better for ~ $500, unfortunately.
thanks bakes. i am looking at the hummus suede nst from LS, they only have a 9D left as of yesterday. based on my experience with my plaza shoes (suede shortwing from j. gilbert which i am thinking about putting up on b&s), i originally inquired about the availability of an 8.5D from LS.
could anyone comment on the hampton last sizing versus the plaza last? trying to decide on my hampton sizing. i measure 9D on the brannock, with a low volume foot with narrow heel and normal width forefoot. i find that a 9D in a plaza boot fits me well, but a 9D in a plaza shoe is just a little too roomy. trying to decide between 8.5 or 9 on hampton
anyone have an in the wild shot of the hummus suede nst offered by LS a few months back?
have a SS pique cotton bedford that i love, pretty excited to get this one
oh thank god that fixed it.as for trunk club, i'd be curious to see how much business they generate from SF. i would think that people who frequent this site enjoy clothing and really, more than anything, searching out and purchasing that clothing themselves. but i guess there is a certain percentage who give the forum a try then think f this i wish someone would just pick this out for me.
are this season's EG bedfords sized similarly to this past '13 S/S?
does anyone have any pics of a faded pair of the 3-sixteens with shadow selvedge? sounds pretty cool
my longest tenured alden. black shell cap toe boots, double leather sole, barrie last
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