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right, i wasn't clear. i meant she probably has payment info for 11 folks.
hoit knows better than me, but that's what i understand. she has 12 names/contacts, but only 11 payments. c'mon last person! just want these before next fall.
i really hope so. i'll believe it when my card is charged.
turns out getting 12 people to agree to something on the internet is hard
us 9 or uk 9?
just heard from hoit, still stuck at 11 on the Dundee. hypothetically, if one were going to order a second pair to flip on the marketplace later, what would be a good common size?
@hoit1981 by chance have you looped back with any of the folks that backed out of the Dundee because they preferred no medallion to see if they changed their mind? I would still be willing to pitch in extra for a charity pair or for someone (I would do it) to sell on eBay and redistribute funds back to folks. Edit: found some great pics of the Dundee in scotch grain. So good.
another off the wall idea - a couple of us pitch in extra for the 12th pair then donate it for the styleforum holiday auction. not even sure how this would work just trying to think of ways to expedite the dundee order.
Lauren told me that C&J had never made this boot in cordovan before. They should make the 12th just for posterity.Or she could charge the other 11 of us an extra $75 just to fill the order. I would pay. I am half joking.
no way, would have been too short for my heel to ball measurement and my toes would be scrunched. pretty happy with the 8E.
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