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non-alden q: can anyone recommend a women's shoe tree? my wife got a pair of shoes from anatomica when we were in paris (http://anatomica-sapporo.com/blog/archives/2192) and needs some trees. interestingly, these have a very similar shape to the modified last.
i decided to send the black indys back to leffot and get on the natty cxl pre-order - at least i hope did. i made the transaction over the phone but haven't gotten the paypal invoice yet. for those wondering, the guy a i spoke to (paul) said that a C width would be no problem.
there might be a pair of 8.5Ds for sale next week...i pre-ordered both the black indy on commando from leffot (received today btw) and the ultimate indy from LS, both in 8.5D. i based sizing on my snuff suede roy boots which fit ok (easily my most worn aldens over the past 9 months) however, i suspect a 9C might be be a better fit given my more recent experience with the modified last in 9C. i think i might sell the ultimate indies when they come in, return the black...
some great info by mdubs in the past few pages. and nice ptbs from hkpm. lazy sunday post... my current rotation consists of two shoes and two boots. i've had many others along the way that i sold off due either to poor fit or wasn't feeling the style. i've also got two indy's on pre-order (one black calf one brown cxl, both on commando) L-R #8 cordovan plain toe boot, 9D plaza last on commando sole, J. Gilbert #8 cordovan unlined u-tip, 9C modified last, single leather...
unlined #8
exact same experience. was recently there and left with two pair. i measure a 9D but with a low volume foot with long arch, and they fit me in a 9C and i walked several miles out to dinner afterwards with no problems. i am completely satisfied even though the exchange rate blows and i will likely never see that VAT refund.
anyone else get in on the black indy on commando pre-order from leffot? should in any day now
i'd probably go danite
i'll be in the need of a new rubber heel on a pair of roy boots soon, i was going to have a local cobbler replace with something. however, i've read/heard that sometimes alden won't do restoration (i'd like to have them do the re-sole when it is time for that) if there has been previous work done to the shoe. although I am assuming this wouldn't apply to something minor like a heel replacement. can anyone speak to this?
visited paris last week and stopped by anatomica, picked up a couple of makeups on the modified last... unlined u-tip, #8 unlined snuff ptb both 9C
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