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snuff roy boot from context.
unsubscribe from email lists. stop visiting this thread and ebay. put some miles on the shoes you have and enjoy them.
alden sf has several more varieties of indy boot on their website than i remember.
rarely. only thing i've seen is 15% off in store only on black friday and the following saturday.
what is this about? is it just their EG room that they've had set up for a bit or something new? i work 2 blocks away might swing by tomorrowrft - i just unsubscribed from a ton of email lists. took a couple of weeks but it feels great. was buying too much
rft: why are those stutterheim raincoats so popular? other randomness: the best show on wfmu is over waaaaahhhh
maybe a suede version? see sigi had a pair of 8.5d indies a few years ago that might have been the most uncomfortable aldens i've ever owned so i sold them. fast forward to present day when i have some snuff suede boots on trubalance size 8.5d which might be my most comfortable aldens. could it have been the foot balance heel on the indies? hoping for similar luck as i consider foolishly ordering some unlined chukkas after striking out previously.
i think i picked the wrong branch of engineering (civil)
don't fret, they wouldn't put them on the commando sole if they couldn't handle a little rain.
this BF only made me realize how much i prefer buying things in a b&m store
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