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really glad i decided to keep these. brown suede 6-eyelet chukka from j. gilbert
i didn't intend to cast leffot in a negative light. i have plenty of boots to wear this fall/winter so i don't need them now, just want them. i also dislike the cork sole, i found it to be heavy and less comfortable. so the pre-order route was fine to get the actual boot i wanted. and who knows, i live in seattle and our summers don't necessarily exclude boots as a possibility.back a few years ago before alden did even less makeups than they do now, "ultimate" seemed more...
anyone else pre-order the black indy on commando sole from leffot? order was confirmed in december and they're quoting 12-16 on the website (i swear it said 8-12 weeks when i pre-ordered but i am probably mistaken). hope they come before it gets too warm to wear them. but knowing alden i might be happy to get them before next fall.i also pre-ordered the ultimate indy - really wanted some new cxl indys, but am not a fan of the cork sole. i just hope to get the ultimate...
Both shots with Nikon dD0 + sigma 10-20 Haleakala, Maui, HI: Oregon Coast: anyone got a recommendation for a simple and solid p&s that isn't the sony rx100ii? want to get something for my wife to use on our upcoming europe trip. lumix lx-7? canon s120? lumix lf1? fuji xq1? trying to stay under $400.
i am loving the fact that the braves are signing the young guys to extensions. been a real solid offseason
i have that "chooka" model from the shoe mart. it is indeed lined and on the double waterloc sole. i don't wear it often due to the barrie last hating my foot.double waterloc might be my favorite sole. the sidewalks are often wet here, and i have a little piece of mind with the oiled sole. i sometimes find alden's commando heel to be too chunkyi also have that unlined cxl (i really like cxl) from alden sf as well. judging by the pics on harrison ltd, they should be the...
a little context for your work situation and style considerations would get you more useful replies. for me, I work in a very casual, albeit professional, environment and dress more towards the workwear end of things. therefore i would go with the indy. but they're both nice enough boots.
Harrison's limited has an unlined cxl chukka on barrie that I've never noticed before. I have the ptb version. http://www.harrisonlimited.com/harrison_footwear/alden-chukka-boot-in-dark-brown-chromexcel/
#8 plain toe boot on plaza today
thanks for the kind words, if you get a chance to pick up a suede boot i highly recommend it, whatever the color. that safari boot from LS looks fantastic.i have the brown suede 6-eyelet chukka from j gilbert which sadly give me some heel slip. however, the few times i've worn them, the brown color looks as good as snuff. i've considered the stock brown suede nst on aberdeen.
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