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gotta hand it to Alden SF. I randomly noticed a stitching issue on my Indy 401s, which were only about 4 months old. Sent them back and they sent me a new pair, no questions. Pic of the issue:
color 8 plain toe boot from j. gilbert
those unlined natural cxl chukkas for leffot would be right up my alley if the barrie last worked for me. they also posted two unlined lhs's on instagram in brown cxl and navy cxl. i've seen those navy indy boots pop up a couple of times here. saw them in person at j. gilbert a couple of weeks back and i was really surprised at how nice they look.
For sale is a pair of Alden Ultimate Indy boots in brown cxl, on the trubalance last. What distinguishes this makeup from the standard Indy boot is the use of the commando sole. These are a size 8.5D, and the general forum consensus is that the trubalance last runs about a half size large. Purchased from Leather Sole a few months ago. However, in the time between the pre-order and the arrival of the boots, I discovered a different size fit me better. The boots are...
snuff roy boot indy 401
has anyone heard an update on the natural cxl indy pre-order from leffot by chance? it would be awesome to get those before winter kicks in.
also in seattle. a rubber sole will be better for traction, especially if you work in a building with marble floors, but at least the cork sole won't be effected by water like double leather. i would recommend visiting j. gilbert to see their selection of well thought out boots. they also carry the stock indy.also, if you are an 8.5D i have a pair of BNIB ultimate indys i am listing soon.
bakes is probably right. although i'm in the same boat with low volume/narrow heel and never could get the barrie chukka to work for me in a variety of sizes.anyone see alden madison post on IG of the green suede boot? is that an entirely new model? i don't recall a boot on the van last...http://instagram.com/p/sPkUO9qSfp/
I realize it varies per order and alden isn't very reliable, but i ordered the black indy on commando from leffot in early december 2013 and they came in at the end of july 2014, which was closer to a 30 week duration. it worked out for me because in the meantime i realized i was a much better fit in a 9C versus the 8.5D i ordered. they let me return them and get on the natural cxl pre-order in my proper size, but i'd be surprised if they come in before the new...
i am really surprised how much i like the stock black indy.
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