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any sale codes for trunk clothiers?
also got the dundee email today. puts them in around mid to late september, just in time for fall. gonna be fun for the next 4 months to mentally cycle through "these are gonna be great!" -> "i hope they look like i think they'll look" -> "i hope they fit" -> jump back to step 1
so i know C&J has taken the payment info for the Dundee, but does that mean that the clock on the quoted 12-16 week wait time has started? i am assuming we get these by next fall but you never know.
Had this happen on two pairs. The best I could tell it was likely due to the metal shank in the footbed not being secure. It settled down for me with wear and stopped happening. If it keeps occurring though, I would contact alden.
Unlined snuff suede ptb, modified last
a couple times a year i come back to this song, specifically the version in this video picture sucks, sound is clipped, don't care
Brecon chukkas. My only c&j so far, but probably my favorite shoes at the moment.
Unlined #8 U-tip (?) on modified from Anatomica They are a couple of years old and need a little clean up.
also was contacted by lauren this morning regarding the dundee. looks like it's happening! hopefully they come in before next fall.
@hoit1981 any word from lauren regarding the dundee?
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