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auburn should have lost the last two games*, osu hasn't played anyone all season**. the college football playoff can't come soon enough. *this comes from a lifelong auburn hater. they got away with cheating with cam and i didn't think that they had any good karma left but now the last two games have proven that there is no god **admittedly not entirely in their control. but ugh, urban meyer.
i wonder how often Alden comes up with new lasts. is it some they're always toying with? anyone know? when was the last time a new last was introduced?
eh i quess it's more of where i'm at in my wardrobe. i don't really need anything, just been browsing typical brands i'd be interested in and haven't been compelled to buy. i'm ok with it, thus far i've resisted buying stuff just because it's on sale. two specific things, a tanner goods bag and a sony rx 100 ii camera which never goes on sale.
glad some folks are finding deals, this sales season has been a snoozefest for me.
Offering up two pair of Quoddy's that i don't get much use out of anymore. First is a custom chukka I ordered last year. Just haven't worn them as much as I thought I would. Natural CXL deck chukka, lined, with red vibram sole in size 9D. Asking $160 $115 SOLD! which includes shipping to CONUS. Second up is the Quoddy blucher in brown CXL with black camp sole, size 9D. These are a couple of years old and have served me well. Asking $65 SOLD! which includes shipping...
For sale are two pair of suede Aldens, both size 9D on the plaza last. Each of these pairs was purchased from J. Gilbert in Seattle, and have been worn sparingly. First up is a six-eyelet chukka in brown suede, with antique edge trim and commando sole. These are just slightly too roomy for me. I sprayed them with suede protector when I got them. I have worn approximately 5 times, and as such, are in like new condition. These retail for $595 when new, and are sold out...
you seem like a good dude and have made positive contributions to this thread, but this was uncalled foredit: others beat me to it...
tanner goods? and will be doing some traveling soon, want a smaller camera to take along and leave the dslr at home fuji x100s ( i am intrigued by the fixed lens, been shooting with the 30mm prime with the dslr recently) or the more well rounded sony rx 100 ii (i realize these are two different cameras, but sure i would love either)
why? scared of stains? spray them. wear them. roughed up suede has an endearing quality that i think looks great.
with the end of the year approaching, what is everyone's favorite makeup of the year? either something that you were able to get or wish you had. maybe something you don't see that often (#8 w/antique edging), a re-stock of particularly nice shade of "rare shell", or just something that works well for you that you didn't think it would. this is the year i gave up chasing "classic/ timeless" dress shoes and focussed more on shoes that fit into my style/wardrobe I think my...
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