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another off the wall idea - a couple of us pitch in extra for the 12th pair then donate it for the styleforum holiday auction. not even sure how this would work just trying to think of ways to expedite the dundee order.
Lauren told me that C&J had never made this boot in cordovan before. They should make the 12th just for posterity.Or she could charge the other 11 of us an extra $75 just to fill the order. I would pay. I am half joking.
no way, would have been too short for my heel to ball measurement and my toes would be scrunched. pretty happy with the 8E.
I'm not C&J sizing expert, so take heed, but Lauren told me that they suggest the same size across all lasts. i wear an UK 8E on the 341 last and that's what I ordered for the 335 lasted Dundee. I'm an 8.5D or 9C on the alden barrie last if that helps, but everyone's feet are different. call a C&J store they can probably talk you through it.
trusty ol' snuff roys today: also, i hate to spam the thread but it is dire, we need 1 more person the C&J brown shell Dundee (http://www.styleforum.net/t/362536/crockett-jones-mto-central/2895#post_8128825). Medallion captoe boots, it's gonna be a great makeup and C&J shell at near Alden prices (just a hair over $800 last time we got a quote). Great chance to take advantage of the strong USD!
liked them a lot. made me feel better about being on the similarly styled tan country calf 6-eyelet cap toe chukka pre-order with AoC.
[[SPOILER]] yep, i have. that picture is pretty spot on
i've also left my payment info with her.i imagined this would be the hardest part of the GMTO, getting people to put down the money. i don't actually believe i will get these boots until they are on my feet.
i'm interested in the chelsea 5. i do have a low instep/low volume foot with narrow heels so i assume this would be a tough fit for me. i have some brecon chukkas on the 341 last that fit reasonably well, but the quarters come together when i have them laced tight. any hope for the chelsea 5? the strong usd is really making it hard to not order shoes i don't need.
thanks for the update. that's actually better than i expected tbh. selling a couple of pair of cordo aldens on ebay to fund these. c'mon dudes!
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