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@hoit1981 any progress on getting the final payment info submitted for the dundee?
Got the cap toes from anatomica and while they were absolutely beautiful, I had to sell them on the bay due to fit issues. They fit about a half size wider than modified lasted shoes that I own in the same size, and almost even seemed like they were made on a different last than those shoes. There was some subtle differences in the shape and I wish I had taken a pic before shipping them out. honestly it's left a bad taste in my mouth regarding Alden and the modified last...
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right, i wasn't clear. i meant she probably has payment info for 11 folks.
hoit knows better than me, but that's what i understand. she has 12 names/contacts, but only 11 payments. c'mon last person! just want these before next fall.
i really hope so. i'll believe it when my card is charged.
turns out getting 12 people to agree to something on the internet is hard
us 9 or uk 9?
just heard from hoit, still stuck at 11 on the Dundee. hypothetically, if one were going to order a second pair to flip on the marketplace later, what would be a good common size?
@hoit1981 by chance have you looped back with any of the folks that backed out of the Dundee because they preferred no medallion to see if they changed their mind? I would still be willing to pitch in extra for a charity pair or for someone (I would do it) to sell on eBay and redistribute funds back to folks. Edit: found some great pics of the Dundee in scotch grain. So good. http://www.frameblog.com/blog/blog/dundee-scotch-grain/
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