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I have 3 pair of Alden shells, no exotics, but the last pair I purchased were a pair of natural cxl chukkas. i wanted something more casual.I was going to suggest exactly this, I got my pair from Alden SF. I much prefer the dover pattern to the stock ptb.
as I mentioned a page back, i'll be getting married this fall, in the evening. i'll be wearing a charcoal suit most likely with houndstooth or glen plaid tie. whenever i mention the suit choice to people, they wonder - it's in the evening, why not a black suit? my reply is usually "it's not a funeral." is there a more, um, eloquent answer to that? and also, does anyone have a saved copy or know where i can find the oft cited Manton speech about wedding attire?
^ i am a huge braves fan also. i'm a little concerned that they won't have a leader in the club house, and they'll strike out a lot, but this news got me excited about baseball.
i will soon find out about this, just dropped the shoes in question off at the cobbler. he said it requires a different glue than the normal leather sole would need.
Braves pick up the other Upton brother. Sad to see Prado go, but the Braves lineup and outfield is looking outstanding. Pretty excited about this move.
^ i like including the decimal point for 8.0 has anyone had any issue adding a topy to a double waterloc sole? wondering about the oil in the leather causing an issue with the adhesive. i'm gonna need to do something, i almost busted my tail today on slick marble after walking on the wet sidewalk
for what it's worth, and as someone else said - the black captoe with commando sole was too militaristic for my liking. i was comparing the black captoe on barrie with double leather from Alden SF with the black captoe on grant with commando from Alden DC.. went with the double leather version. i do like the commando sole on my #8 plazas from j gilbert however.also,from a few pages back, i can barely justify having the same style shoe in different leather/color, i have...
you could call Alden Madison Ave or Alden SF, they often have makeups that are not listed on the website. Moulded shoe had a ptb on the modified last that I've seen floating around from time to time. Like you, I really wanted some natural cxl so I bought the nst from the Shoemart, great shoe but the sizing didn't work out (see sig ) . I grabbed a chukka from Pelle Line.
i believe they used to do this, but will now only put what the original model came on. i haven't sent any in for restoration though so i can't say for sure. a cobbler can, of course, put whatever you want on there. many on this forum like b. nelson.
can anyone who works with leather suggest a good forum or resource for someone who's just starting out?
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