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nice to see some pairs brought back to life in the last few pages
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the heads up, i put in an order for a shoe they say won't ship until march and used the code, which worked. given the history with NRO and the mixed experiences people have had, i am anticipating the order getting cancelled, so keeping my hopes low. but at $100 off it was worth a shot for a makeup that isn't around often.
[[SPOILER]] something to consider - i found the commando sole + black combo to be too militaristic, much preferred the double leather soles on black bootsnatural cxl chukka from pelle line:
please tell me more, i live up the street from blackbird. i once asked about why they were no longer carrying Alden's and the SA told me that long lead times were hard for them, and hinted that Alden favored larger clients (J Crew?) and were leaving smaller shops in the dark. it's a shame because they had some solid make ups. i don't doubt your story though, i get a weird vibe from the blackbird crew.
[[SPOILER]] wearing mine today in the drizzle. I have 5 pair of Aldens, and these are the only one's that I'd replace with the exact model if anything ever happened to them.
*break in Alden action* [[SPOILER]] i can't believe i'm even going to bring this up as it's never really bothered me when folks do it, and i'm not sure they enforce it very hard, but just a heads up to this poster and anyone else new to the forum:*continue Alden action*
so a few weeks ago i dropped off my boots at j. gilbert to have the speedhooks, which had become loosened, repaired. yenni said it had happened to several pair of this run of #8 plain toe boots. picked them up today so it was a reasonable turnaround. she mentioned their order for a chamois indy and snuff suede wingtip had been confirmed.
I have 3 pair of Alden shells, no exotics, but the last pair I purchased were a pair of natural cxl chukkas. i wanted something more casual.I was going to suggest exactly this, I got my pair from Alden SF. I much prefer the dover pattern to the stock ptb.
as I mentioned a page back, i'll be getting married this fall, in the evening. i'll be wearing a charcoal suit most likely with houndstooth or glen plaid tie. whenever i mention the suit choice to people, they wonder - it's in the evening, why not a black suit? my reply is usually "it's not a funeral." is there a more, um, eloquent answer to that? and also, does anyone have a saved copy or know where i can find the oft cited Manton speech about wedding attire?
^ i am a huge braves fan also. i'm a little concerned that they won't have a leader in the club house, and they'll strike out a lot, but this news got me excited about baseball.
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