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was in j. gilbert the other day and Yenni mentioned the shell shortage, including #8
can anyone comment on the heel of a leydon lasted shoe to that of the barrie? i have experience with a leydon chukka, and i think it's narrower but it was hard to tell.
no, the ptb makeup from NRO is on the leydon, which is why i ordered it. i tried the standard suede ptb on the barrie and the heel was too wide for my comfort.
thanks for replies. the tan lwb from Leffot are out of the question, both because i'm not a huge fan of the longwing and i've sworn off barrie lasted shoes.
suede ptb vs suede swb: anyone have both and care to comment? considering canceling my "in production" order of snuff suede ptb's from NRO (who have been super helpful on the phone btw), and grabbing the snuff swb from j. gilbert. i'm afraid that i won't receive the ptb's from NRO before summer. only concern is the swb's would be a little too dressy for casual wear, but maybe not. vs.
has alden ever made an unlined shell chukka?
[[SPOILER]] i'm not gonna lie, these look like old man orthopedic shoes but i kinda want a pair. however, as i am planning for a wedding, the alden budget has reduced to $0.00
there is a stock model plaza lasted ptb:never seen this shoe in real life, but it doesn't look great in that pic. i've been tempted by the medallion toe oxford at j. gilbert, but not a ptb.
thanks parker, do you think it's worth sizing down? i am a small in almost any uniqlo item i've tried.hence the linen. but i hope it's hot. grew up in the southeast us, live in Seattle now. i miss the heat (sometimes).
i agree with that, but it'll be frustrating if they fail to make "productive" outs. for example, moving a man from 2nd to 3rd by grounding out to the right side of the infield. also you put more pressure on the defense by putting the ball in play. they'll probably also go into a lot of deep counts so that's good. and hit a ton of homers.side note: for anyone considering mlb.tv, i highly recommend it (if you are out of market of course, the blackout rules blow). i am a...
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