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[[SPOILER]] Those are fine for fall/winter, but keep in mind that kudu leather is heavily oiled, and those can get pretty warm. I had them for a bit and that sole is very comfortable.
at a wedding last night. i was asked several times if i was uncomfortably hot in my suit coat. it was no more than 70 degrees out.
my sizing experiment with the barrie seems to be paying off. to recap - i purchased the unlined cxl ptb from Alden SF in 8.5C as the #8 version in 8D is too roomy in the heel. if you have relatively narrow heels, consider staying tts and going down a width in the barrie.
For sale is a pair of Grenson 5-eyelet bluchers in walnut calf. These are a an 8 UK, which is typically equivalent to a US 9. However, these seem to run a half size large and fit more like a 9.5 US, so they're too large for me (the retailer told me they were true to size and they were final sale so no returns). These are BNIB and were only tried on, never worn outside. The shoes are made in England and are from the Grenson 'Lab" series, meaning they were a special...
For sale is a pair of cordovan Alden color #8 plain toe bluchers on the barrie last and single-oiled leather flex welt sole. These are a size 8D, but the barrie last runs about a half size large. The shoes were purchased form Alden San Francisco around a year ago, and were always brushed and kept on trees when not worn. These are unlined, so they're great for warmer weather. I am asking $330 which includes shipping via UPS ground to CONUS. Shoe bags and box...
it's been damn fun watching the braves play the last two or three weeks. and that sweep of the nationals was fantastic - 15 1/2 games up in the division.
i had been eye-balling those unlined brown cxl ptbs for a while, but have sworn off barrie lasted shoes due to fit issues (i have a narrow heel). however, while browsing the Alden SF website, i noticed that they offer up that particular size in a C width. so i'm doing a little sizing experiment - tts but down a width for the barrie last. worst case I'm out return shipping. and the fact that they are non-shell means i could possibly take a few steps in them without the...
Frank - about how long have you worn these? I like those a lot. I was thinking about asking if anyone had a fit pic with the milkshake suede because I've been looking at these all day:the shoe mart calls it out as "pepello" suede, but they could be a typo for "repello". does anyone know if the milkshake color is the same as the one shown on shoemart? it looks very similar.i believe i might be losing it because i'm considering paying $500 for a totally impractical (for...
just an fyi - Yenni is a woman and works at J. Gilbert (Adam is the fellow that runs AoC, and he helps J. Gilbert with their orders). If I had to guess, I'd say the boots are on commando sole as this is one of the shop's "standard" makeups. I have the plain toe version.
harrison limited also has mocha kid nst http://www.harrisonlimited.com/harrison_footwear/alden-norwegian-front-blucher-in-mocha-kid-suede/
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