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i had been eye-balling those unlined brown cxl ptbs for a while, but have sworn off barrie lasted shoes due to fit issues (i have a narrow heel). however, while browsing the Alden SF website, i noticed that they offer up that particular size in a C width. so i'm doing a little sizing experiment - tts but down a width for the barrie last. worst case I'm out return shipping. and the fact that they are non-shell means i could possibly take a few steps in them without the...
Frank - about how long have you worn these? I like those a lot. I was thinking about asking if anyone had a fit pic with the milkshake suede because I've been looking at these all day:the shoe mart calls it out as "pepello" suede, but they could be a typo for "repello". does anyone know if the milkshake color is the same as the one shown on shoemart? it looks very similar.i believe i might be losing it because i'm considering paying $500 for a totally impractical (for...
just an fyi - Yenni is a woman and works at J. Gilbert (Adam is the fellow that runs AoC, and he helps J. Gilbert with their orders). If I had to guess, I'd say the boots are on commando sole as this is one of the shop's "standard" makeups. I have the plain toe version.
harrison limited also has mocha kid nst http://www.harrisonlimited.com/harrison_footwear/alden-norwegian-front-blucher-in-mocha-kid-suede/
day late, but i'll miss the actual blackbird store, simply because it was a convenient place (i live within walking distance) for me to periodically go in to browse "nice" clothes, at least when they had them. they used to have some solid alden makeups if that was your thing, for example. but confusing is a great way to describe what was going on the past few years, they were all over the place with staff, buys, and store layout. the prices were out of whack also. it was...
not a leak
i've also heard that the barrie is the easiest last to fit for retailers and it accommodates a wide range of foot types. certainly can't begrudge them for trying to sell the most shoes.
seems SFTG and myself are in the same camp re: being disappointed with every new makeup being barrie lasted. i guess on the bright side, it keeps me from buying shoes i don't need.
i have some of their chinos that i like, and a pair of the black jeans. but their shirts are super overpriced. one of my main gripes are the sales associates. they used to be so nice and talkative, and seemed really into the clothes they were selling. now they have a super high turnover rate and barely acknowledge you're in the store, much less try to tell you a little bit about the products they sell.
[[SPOILER]] barrie last?
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