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wanted to give a comparison between brown and natural cxl for those that might be on the fence between the two. the brown i received today from the shoe mart, the natrual i've had sine the beginning of the year from pelle line. had i seen both in person before buying, i would have picked the brown i'm 85% sure, the color is much richer and the pull-up is more prominent. i was hoping i would hate them so i'd send them back and save myself $500. however, i'm leaning...
thanks. as i mentioned recently, i purchased the natural cxl chukka from pelle line and they had the double waterloc, which i got topy'd after i almost pulled a hamstring on a wet marble floor. the cobbler mentioned he needed to use a different glue because of the oil in the waterloc sole. no problems so far and it's been a couple of months.i was always bummed i missed the LS version also, then they popped up at TSM - only problem is i purchased the natural cxl just a...
i called before ordering these from TSM the other day (did not have a description yet). the fellow on the phone told me they had the double waterloc sole (picture seems to confirm). so i believe the description up there now is in error, probably copied and pasted from another chukka model. i think the double oak leather sole is the normal double leather sole. i'll confirm friday when the shoes arrive.waterloc vs. oak vs. i'm actually surprised TSM was able to produce this...
made an uncharacteristic (for me) double up purchase - i've been enjoying my natural cxl chukkas so much that i ordered the brown cxl version from the shoemart. i should say i hesitantly ordered them because they are so similar to what i have, but i'll gauge them when they get in on friday and i can compare in person.
this morning, my fiance commented that i should get some new black boots because my black shell captoes looked a little beat up compared to my #8 plain toe boots. should i use this as an excuse to get a new pair or do i let her in on the fact that a horsehair brush, a little elbow grease, and some reno would do the trick?
random alden thought: the alden thread has the 3rd most views in SW&D behind the WAYWT threads. i wonder how aware retailers are of this thread's existence. obviously many are, but i always stop myself from mentioning it when calling a store to inquire about something i discovered in here.
nice to see some pairs brought back to life in the last few pages
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the heads up, i put in an order for a shoe they say won't ship until march and used the code, which worked. given the history with NRO and the mixed experiences people have had, i am anticipating the order getting cancelled, so keeping my hopes low. but at $100 off it was worth a shot for a makeup that isn't around often.
[[SPOILER]] something to consider - i found the commando sole + black combo to be too militaristic, much preferred the double leather soles on black bootsnatural cxl chukka from pelle line:
please tell me more, i live up the street from blackbird. i once asked about why they were no longer carrying Alden's and the SA told me that long lead times were hard for them, and hinted that Alden favored larger clients (J Crew?) and were leaving smaller shops in the dark. it's a shame because they had some solid make ups. i don't doubt your story though, i get a weird vibe from the blackbird crew.
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