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some days i think that i should have just bought a pair of #8 chukkas three years ago and then never peeked in this thread again.
drove up to the filson outlet in burlington, wa the other weekend. definitely worth a stop if you're in the seattle area. although, the burlington outlets overall are pretty underwhelming. the filson spot is a far cry from the retail stores which are really nice, the outlet store is bare bones but has some great deals. my fiance bought for $50 a waxed cotton jacket that is basically the weekender with an attached hood. they also have a "vintage" corner with some used...
i didn't find that the suede stretched much, but because it's it unlined it is more forgiving.
swung by jack straw on my lunch break, so close to buying the aero jacket. i've been looking for a nice spring navy blue jacket and was leaning towards a baracuta g9, now i'm not so sure. also tried on the driver's jacket, that iridescent khaki looks really cool. andover jacket is great too, although it fit me weirdly. if only i had an extra $1500 to spend on jackets. wanted to say how pleasant the guy was in jack straw. i've stopped by before and had a less than...
i'll be the naysayer and say return them. you said yourself you have an eye on something else and you don't think you'll wear them much.
i have this same problem. i've all but given up on barrie lasted shoes. the only one i've found to like is the unlined ptb because it's so flexible. However, i can wear a barrie boot well enough, and a chukka too depending on the type of welt (some welts make the heel block even wider that throws off my stride).stopped by j. gilbert on my lunch break. such a nice little shop. if they had my size in the tan suede chukka i would have picked them up. it's a nice makeup...
i hate that the winn perry website still exists out there teasing me with excellent makeups
[[SPOILER]] i vote to keep the roys also, but i prefer a plain toe boot.
has anyone ever seen a detailed description of different types of welts?
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