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has anyone ever seen a detailed description of different types of welts?
I'm doing a little spring cleaning: Snuff suede chukka, size 9E, on the Leydon last. These feature a single oiled leather sole (aka the flex welt sole) and are unlined, making them ideal for the warmer months. Being in Seattle, I find myself not wearing these often enough to justify keeping. I find that the leydon last runs narrow width wise, but tts in length. Purchased last summer from the Alden San Francisco shop. Sprayed with suede protector when new. Asking...
I'm doing a little spring cleaning: For Sale is an Alden Natural CXL chukka boot, size 8D. This model is on the barrie last which fits approximately 0.5 sizes larger than typical US size. The shoe features double waterloc soles and storm welt. I have added a topy so the sole is in great shape. Worn minimally since the beginning of the year. Originally purchased from Pelle Line...
my small shell collection. put some saphir on the two #8 pair while watching some college bball this afternoon. i took some photos in direct sunlight to show how much burgundy comes out. these pics make me realize i'm in need of some dark edge dressing. being in Seattle, i do not shy away from wearing in the rain. i had some #8 lwb at one point but they didn't fit in my wardrobe very well. i'm more than satisfied with these. unlined ptb - crease like crazy plain toe...
damn jason molina passed away. really enjoyed his records.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the post, always helpful to see comparisons between two similar, but oh so different, models
thanks for the input on a charcoal suit paired with one of the classic wedding ties that kent offers. ordered the charcoal rtw suit (with vest) last night as well as the glen plaid tie in standard width. excited to see how this looks. as stated, this will be the suit combo that i will be (hopefully) wearing for my wedding in novermber, paired with a white shirt and a pair of black AE park aves. pretty basic i think.
yep, all the time.
about to order the rtw charcoal suit and am thinking about ordering a tie also as this will be my wedding suit, either the glen plaid or the houndstooth. which tie width do you guys suggest for the rtw suit? or are they close enough so it's more up to personal preference? really want the houndstooth but it's only available in slim. related: kent, any plans to restock the standard width houndstooth?
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the input. i completely agree that the appeal of natural cxl is how it ages. i almost got those oak st trench boots when they first came out, they look great. i also have a pair of quoddy chukkas in natural cxl that is closer in color to those trench boots. the alden pair are much lighter.
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