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thanks parker, do you think it's worth sizing down? i am a small in almost any uniqlo item i've tried.hence the linen. but i hope it's hot. grew up in the southeast us, live in Seattle now. i miss the heat (sometimes).
i agree with that, but it'll be frustrating if they fail to make "productive" outs. for example, moving a man from 2nd to 3rd by grounding out to the right side of the infield. also you put more pressure on the defense by putting the ball in play. they'll probably also go into a lot of deep counts so that's good. and hit a ton of homers.side note: for anyone considering mlb.tv, i highly recommend it (if you are out of market of course, the blackout rules blow). i am a...
heading to vegas for a few days in June, would like a linen blazer. anyone seen this uniqlo one in person? ok or is it complete garbage?
the braves might strike out 1600 times this season as a team, but it's going to be an exciting year (i hope).
but, original programming!http://lookbook.nu/tv/3-Episode-1-Look-Closer [[SPOILER]]
only in the realm of this thread does this make sense.
[[SPOILER]] thanks for the suggestion, but i already own the chukkas and would like to add some eyelets (also the AE website blows the Alden one out of the water)thank you! did you notice a difference in fit after that was done?
thinking about having an extra set of eyelets (or even doing it myself) added to a pair of chukkas to add a little extra snugness. i've seen mention of this before in this thread, anyone actually done it? a picture of the finished product would be awesome so I could get an idea of spacing.
+1000would be interested to know how you sized as well.
sorry, it is the best show on wfmu.
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