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[[SPOILER]] welcome to the forum. i think if i was starting over, i'd probably get a #8 shell chukka, something in suede, and a captoe boot. given my current wardrobe needs those would cover me 90% of the time.
you could try a pendleton blanket, but maybe not washable
late pass but the alton brown talk a few pages ago reminded me when he joined anthony bourdain on the layover. they went to the clermont lounge, which is maybe the last place in atlanta i would expect alton brown to be. rft because he's wearing a bow tie and a sports coat to the clermont. [[SPOILER]]
brown cxl chukkas today from the shoe mart, almost the perfect makeup for my style. i had the third eyelet added as you can see. the cobbler couldn't do a hidden one, but i don't mind the difference.
had a cobbler add a third eyelet to my pair of cxl chukkas, they did a fine job and it it improved the fit for me. unfortunately, they also polished the shoe with i don't know what, and i really dislike shiny cxl. these had a really nice dull glow (if that makes sense) when new. what's the best way to remove the polish and start from scratch? i already applied some reno and that didn't do much. do i step it up to renomat? an AE product perhaps?
speaking of grey hairs, i just watched a frontline doc about retirement accounts and now i'm freaked out that i'm getting raped in fees rft: made it into totokaelo the other day, the space is pretty cool. hope they can sustain business in seattle.
picked these up last week after canceling my order for the snuff suede ptb from NRO. i much prefer a swb to a lwb, finally a sunny day to be able to wear them.
i'm in the same boat. i find the pullman perfect for longer trips, but just a tad too bulky for a 3 day weekend.
hell yes, been really fun to watch, although getting shut out by KC is a head scratcher. a few things that i've noticed: they need to tighten up the d a little (heyward has been awesome though). and the third base coach needs to toss up the stop sign more often.
just got some park aves in the same size as a pair of old macallisters i have. as far as i can tell these are on the same last. however, the park ave feels much looser in the heel area. i am assuming the difference is because the macallisters are very well broken in (pick up from a consignment shop for $30), and the stiffness of the new leather sole exacerbates the feeling of heel slip. these two should fit the same, correct?
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