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[[SPOILER]] update: most likely keeping the suede roys. surprisingly, the s.o. has approved without incident. "mac" break in method initiated.
whelp just received the suede roys, but i'm not sure i'm sold on them. might be going back. honestly can't decide. after wearing nothing but the plaza last and barrie in a c width, these seem outlandishly blobby at first glance. i wanted a casual boot though, so i have to get a second opinion from the s.o. (let's be honest here - her first statement is going to be "what? more brown boots?")
there were two 6-eyelet chukkas expected from jg - a brown suede (plaza) and a #8 shell (barrie). the shell was unconfirmed last time i checked.
[[SPOILER]] i checked those out. the context roy is on the trubalance, and i am ok with that*. i was looking for a boot that falls more on the casual side and was afraid that the leffot boot looked a little too refined. the j. crew snuff was an option but barrie + crepe turned me off.*the indy boots i had in the past killed my feet so i sold them, and i avoided the trubalance since then. however, last time i was in J Gilbert i tried on the reverse-chamois indy and it...
Ordered the context snuff suede roy boot - should be in tomorrow. I've been dying for a pair of suede boots for some time, but never settled on the right last/sole/color combo. Fall here we come. You always hear no untreated suede in the rain, but why?
anyone got a pic of suede aldens that they've left untreated and worn with reckless abandon? not purposefully abused, just worn on the regular.
were frasier and niles crane afraid to wear leather shoes?
josephine foster it has a nice late summer evening vibe to it, reminds me of when i used to live in asheville. discovered after reading this review: http://thetalkhouse.com/reviews/view/carey-mercer-josephine-foster-the-victor-herrero-band i really enjoy thetalkhouse.com where creative people, often musicians, are reviewing music
which clunky suede boots alden or viberg vibergs are about $150 more, but the roughout suede might be a little tougher
j. gilbert has some pretty sweet blue suede chukkas, for that that are into that sort of thing (i'm not) and damn you whoever posted that context snuff boot. the last thing i need in another pair of boots, but i've been wanting a suede boot for a while. ugh.
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