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not confirmed by alden, still a pipe dream at this point. no idea why a 6-eyelet chukka isn't a stock makeup with so many people seemingly having a tough time with the 2-eyelet version...
got an email from yenni this morning, swung by on my lunch break. been waiting for this makeup for 8 months or so and they turned out better than i'd hoped. 6-eyelet suede chukka, brown suede, commando sole, plaza last
whelp, kershaw was awesome, and the braves were terrible. there's always tomorrow i guess. i don't have a problem with them leaving uggla off of the roster, he's been awful for the better part of a season and a half. i hope this signifies the end of his run in atl, but i doubt they'll eat that contract nor find anyone to take him. this gif pretty much sums up bj's season (too large to post):
i also have these, which i love. however, it is different from the cxl blucher linked at the shoe mart. that one is the classic ptb style, while the unlined version is on the dover pattern.
i got very little use out of the 975s, so i sold them. didn't quite fit into the rest of my wardrobe, which for work is very far on the casual end of the spectrum. just couldn't wear them without feeling self conscious. sometimes the problem with forums is that you get a little wrapped up in the "timeless + classics" (and rare shells in the case of this thread) without considering if it fits in with your wardrobe/life circumstances.
as a braves fan, i have zero clue as to how this series with the dodgers is going to go. on one hand, they effectively treated the last 3 weeks of the season as spring training part 2 and played themselves right out of home field advantage. on the other, they've overcome injuries, a lack of a real ace, and brutal offense from the starting cf and 2B, and still had the second best record in the league. in any event, i am not feeling optimistic at the prospect of facing...
just for kicks i called alden sf to ask about the possibility of getting a makeup on an A/D as opposed to B/D. no dice. i also asked which lasts have the most narrow heel, explaining my struggles with the barrie last and the answer was "just about any one except the barrie, you'd probably want to avoid that." lol.
^great post. keeping this thread alive with hopes of someone having some good luck do any shoemakers actually use a combination last where you can choose the combination outside of mtm or bespoke, i.e. an A/D instead of a B/D? i think alden used to, but won't anymore. my foot measures a 9D on the bannock heel to toe, but almost a 10D heel to ball, with narrow heels and a low volume - so similar to others here. tongue pads help, but not greatly. inserts usually don't as...
rft: if i can ever find a pair derbies that are on a last that feature a normal width forefoot but a narrower heel area i will buy 5 pairs more shoes: can anyone recommend a good cobbler in seattle? i've used emerald city shoe repair for small stuff, but i need a re-sole on a pair of boots and i don't know if they're up for it
and on a different last than barrie if i remember correctly, maybe aberdeen? i know sid mashburn in atl had an un-advertised ravello makeup in very limited sizes last time in was in there 6 months or so of said 25 y.o. chukkas? i love pics of new makeups as much as the next guy, but this thread seriously needs an infusion of older and well worn shoes.
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