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to the clemson guy looking for suede, you might want to consider that the stock chukka is unlined, and i found my feet got cold during the winter with those. but you might be in s. carolina with limited cold stretches.
can a shoe be "relasted" to a narrower width during a re-sole? i'm assuming not as there are probably a dozen things that would be thrown off, just curiousalso... [[SPOILER]]
it helps that the boots i posted are on a commando sole. i am under the assumption that they wouldn't put on a commando sole if you weren't supposed to wear them in inclement weather. this'll be my second fall/winter with them.
thanks. size 9D.agreed. of my six pair of Aldens, these are probably the only one's that i'd replace with the exact same thing if anything were to happen to them
Color #8 Plain Toe Boot, Plaza Last on a drizzly day in Seattle
i would suggest calling (no email) every retailer you know of and inquiring. i would start with Alden DC, SF, and NYC. rinse and repeat every 6-8 weeks.
I just picked up the context roy boot in snuff suede, the largest difference is the roy boot has a double water lock sole vs. crepe for j crew version.http://www.contextclothing.com/item.php?id=4139
i can't believe you guys talked about popeyes for 3 pages and no one mentioned bojangles which blows it out of the water, albeit a fairly regional solution new laptop - macbook air, sony vaio, or lenovo. rft: new suede boots - apply suede protectant spray or not?
[[SPOILER]] update: most likely keeping the suede roys. surprisingly, the s.o. has approved without incident. "mac" break in method initiated.
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