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if it helps any, i wear an UK 8E on the 325, 335, and 341 lasts and a 9D in the plaza, and 8.5D/9C on trubalance.
ha. yep it's the even spacing that has me scratching my head. i will say that these were pretty sloppily stitched originally in that when comparing the left and right boot the welt width is noticeably different between the two, but they're "work boots" so who cares.i've emailed leffot to see what they say. i realize they're worn so maybe it is what it is. not too much of an issue now but worried that my ability to resole would be shot.
i was about to redress the edges of my leffot indy boots and when i noticed some small gashes on the uppers at the instep, just above the welt. this is consistent on both boots, but seen in the second pic. these are almost 2 years old and i've worn them pretty regularly, but this seems like something other than regular wear and tear. anyone else seen anything like this? coincidentally i had to return another pair of indy boots last year because the stitching at the...
Alden snuff Roys just back from restoration. The uppers have always been in decent shape with some indigo transfer plus a few scuffs, but Alden cleaned them up a bit. Before pic is first then one from today in direct sun, they're not as yellow in real life. Overall really pleased. Turn around time was about as quoted.
Brown shell Dundee on a really nice day in Seattle.
natural cxl ptb from Alden sf via the factory... Not the best pic but these are crazy streaky. even my wife was like "what is wrong with those" versus the usual "don't you already have a pair just like that?" I have other natural cxl that look way better than these.(Going back, don't fit great anyway)
Busted out the dundees today. Honestly not entirely sure if these are for me, but they are really good looking (not much color variation irl, it was the way the light was falling)
I have a similar issue, low volume foot with narrow heels. C&j has worked so much better for me than Alden. The Barrie last is basically unwearable for me due to the wide, shallow heel cup. Haven't had a chance to test the dundees much yet (my first on 335 last) as it's been too hot. The 341 last fits me pretty great though.
i didn't remember so i went back and looked at old posts, and the original specs Hoit posted were:Dundee Punch Cap Toe BootDark Brown CordovanAntique EdgingStorm WeltDouble Leather SoleDark Brown Eyelets & Speedhooks (a la Lindrick)335 (Rounded) LastPulltab
Just got my shipping confirmation for the dundees. Lauren sent some cell pics which aren't the best quality, but better than nothing. They look great.
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