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Pretty specific inquiry, but is anyone interested in taking over a pre-order for a perf cap toe 6-eye chukka in tan country calf, size 9c on Barrie from AoC? Shoe that hasn't been made before... (AoC-20 https://www.alden-of-carmel.com/shoes-new-aoc-styles-coming-in-2016-392.htm) pre-order deposit was $200
So are these gmto's hung up because some folks who said they were in haven't submitted payment/sizing info to c&j or is it because there is some delay on the factory side? I'm assuming it's the former, and if so, why? What's the point? If you're not serious just withdraw your name so a replacement can be found to get these moving. And I'm only involved in an order that involves 12, I can only imagine waiting on the Warlow order that is hinging on 23/24 people.
What is the actual confirmation process after everyone's sizing/shipping/payment info has been submitted? Do you get a confirmation email from C&j or does your card just get charged then you wait 12-16 weeks? EDIT: another work day passes in London and still no Dundee news
holding out hope that the dundee gets finalized this week
lol. the universe is against us.
sweet.on your previous post, i'd vote for the sedgemoor in whiskey.
thanks. is there a deadline for that person to provide info until we officially look for a replacement?
@hoit1981 any progress on getting the final payment info submitted for the dundee?
Got the cap toes from anatomica and while they were absolutely beautiful, I had to sell them on the bay due to fit issues. They fit about a half size wider than modified lasted shoes that I own in the same size, and almost even seemed like they were made on a different last than those shoes. There was some subtle differences in the shape and I wish I had taken a pic before shipping them out. honestly it's left a bad taste in my mouth regarding Alden and the modified last...
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New Posts  All Forums: