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i don't think the size is necessarily effected, but a 360 degree welt can result in a larger heel block than a 270 degree welt which could theoretically impact your gait. #8 with natural edge looks mismatched to me.
alden sf has a plain toe boot in what they call "smooth tobacco chamois". not sure if it's the same as reverse. looks like they have larger sizes too.
Beautiful day in Seattle to be outside
I would contact the retailer you got them from, i had a similar issue with some indy boots that alden sf replaced outright, but my issue looked a bit worse than yours.
also remember that an e width will be wider in the heel and more voluminous throughout.
i was in j Gilbert on Friday and i liked the green suede tassel loafers a lot more in person than I thought I would. Also liked the penny loafer they had on the Copley last.
all other things being equal, would you choose reverse chamois or brown cxl for an all purpose, casual shoe?
For sale is a pair of Alden plain toe boots in #8 shell cordovan, on the plaza last with a commando sole. These are a size 9D, and the general forum consensus is that the plaza last runs true to size. Purchased from J Gilbert a few years ago. However, I don’t wear them all that often so these saw limited action. There’s plenty of life left in the soles and heels. These currently retail for over $700. Asking $475 which includes shipping to CONUS. I am open to offers. ...
Oak St Trail: For sale is a pair of Oak Street Bootmakers Trail Oxford in peanut suede with vibram sole (http://oakstreetbootmakers.com/footwear/peanut-suede-vibram-sole-trail-oxford). These are a size 8.5D and true to size in my experience. Nice casual shoe I just don’t wear them as much as I thought I would. There is some indigo transfer on the upper portion of the shoe, but these are in otherwise great shape. Asking $95 which includes shipping to CONUS. I am open...
New Posts  All Forums: