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they are trubalance (leffot version with the commando sole). they are a c width so they are narrower, but still very much a trubalance blob
Does anyone know the weight of the wool lining on the monitaly mountain parka?
for those asking about the jonah: i'd recommend tts. i'm a 9C/D on brannock and i ordered a 9D. i could maybe see someone going 1/2 size up if you had a high instep or something. snake oil provisions, which has the best stock photos of the boots, advises is to go with your sneaker size which is not very helpful. cowboy chief and lucchese both recommended brannock size. the leather and finish are both really nice. the quality is easily on par, if not better than, what i've...
Lucchese Jonah La portenga fat carter
i don't know if this makes me feel better or worse but i've been listening to it
Anyone know the sizing for those lucchese Jonah boots mentioned a few pages ago? Snake oil says tts but then they reference vans sizing so I don't trust it. I also really enjoy the 2016 in review posts. I'll give it a shot but be warned I'm squarely in biz casual dadwear territory: Fav purchases: -Brecon chukkas from c&j. One of the few chukkas I can fit with my skinny heels, goes with pretty much everything I like to wear - masterpiece weekender from nmwa - ocbds/sport...
a couple of months ago i posted about some gashes in the leather near the instep of my indy boots: [[SPOILER]] I eventually sent them back to Alden with the help of Yenni at B+M (she seriously helped me out, she didn't even sell me the boots originally). Alden came back and said that the gashes weren't anything to be concerned with, but they were gonna do a resole for my troubles. i wasn't expecting much as you can't really "repair" tears in leather, but the original...
Does anyone have both the brown shell Dundee and the stock shell Harlech? If so, are they the same shade of brown?
eyeballing some f last norwegers. i am a 9C/D on the brannock, and have a fairly low instep with narrow heels. i've read that the f last has a higher instep, so i'm concerned that it might not be the best last for me. could anyone recommend a size to start with? 41.5 or 42? for reference, i wear a 8EUK in C&J 341 (best fit) and 325 last (a little loose, use a tongue pad).
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