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anyone else get in on the black indy on commando pre-order from leffot? should in any day now
i'd probably go danite
i'll be in the need of a new rubber heel on a pair of roy boots soon, i was going to have a local cobbler replace with something. however, i've read/heard that sometimes alden won't do restoration (i'd like to have them do the re-sole when it is time for that) if there has been previous work done to the shoe. although I am assuming this wouldn't apply to something minor like a heel replacement. can anyone speak to this?
visited paris last week and stopped by anatomica, picked up a couple of makeups on the modified last... unlined u-tip, #8 unlined snuff ptb both 9C
For sale is a pair of Alden six-eyelet chukka in brown suede, with antique edge trim and commando sole. These are size 9D on the plaza last, which generally runs true to size. Purchased from J. Gilbert last fall. These are just slightly too roomy for me. I sprayed them with suede protector when I got them. Worn sparingly, and as such, are in very good condition. These retail for $595 when new, and are sold out in this size at the moment. Asking $345 which includes...
For sale is a pair of Alden model 4075H, straight tip boots in black cordovan, on the barrie last with a double leather sole. These are a size 8.5D, and the general forum consensus is that the barrie last runs about a half size large. Purchased from Alden SF a few years ago. However, I don’t wear black shoes often so these saw limited action. I got a rubber topy put on when I purchased them, so there is plenty of life left in the soles and heels. These currently retail...
For sale is a pair of Alden unlined brown cxl plain toe bluchers, on the flex welt sole (model 29643F). These are a size 8.5C on the barrie last, which is a generous last (the forum consensus is that the barrie last runs about a half size large). Purchased from Alden SF last fall, these are a perfect summer shoe. However, I just bought another pair that fits me better. There is plenty of life left in the soles and heels. These currently retail for $508. Asking $250...
what last is the 6-eyelet captoe blucher on, and where is it from?
i sprayed with suede protector when first purchased in the fall. the jeans are 3-sixteen shadow denim that haven't been washed, so they bleed pretty easily.
thought i would share this as there are questions about alden suede periodically. got caught in the rain the other day. pic of the shoes when i first got home, rain drops are obvious: pic from the next morning, you can see some spots still there after the water dried and then after brushing with an allen edmonds suede cleaner thingy as you can see it all turned out well in the end. you can see up by the speed hooks that there is some dye transfer from my jeans,...
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