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Anyone know the sizing for those lucchese Jonah boots mentioned a few pages ago? Snake oil says tts but then they reference vans sizing so I don't trust it. I also really enjoy the 2016 in review posts. I'll give it a shot but be warned I'm squarely in biz casual dadwear territory: Fav purchases: -Brecon chukkas from c&j. One of the few chukkas I can fit with my skinny heels, goes with pretty much everything I like to wear - masterpiece weekender from nmwa - ocbds/sport...
a couple of months ago i posted about some gashes in the leather near the instep of my indy boots: [[SPOILER]] I eventually sent them back to Alden with the help of Yenni at B+M (she seriously helped me out, she didn't even sell me the boots originally). Alden came back and said that the gashes weren't anything to be concerned with, but they were gonna do a resole for my troubles. i wasn't expecting much as you can't really "repair" tears in leather, but the original...
Does anyone have both the brown shell Dundee and the stock shell Harlech? If so, are they the same shade of brown?
eyeballing some f last norwegers. i am a 9C/D on the brannock, and have a fairly low instep with narrow heels. i've read that the f last has a higher instep, so i'm concerned that it might not be the best last for me. could anyone recommend a size to start with? 41.5 or 42? for reference, i wear a 8EUK in C&J 341 (best fit) and 325 last (a little loose, use a tongue pad).
I've searched but can't find much: could anyone compare the 330 last fit to either the 325, 335, or 341? I have narrow heels with low instep and find the 341 fits me best, but use a tongue pad for the 325. Curious how the 330 compares.
i've also read on the forums that cordovan can't be pulled as tightly over the last so shoes/boots made in that leather then to be a little more loose fitting than shoes made on other leathers. but yea, thick socks for me too.
I ordered them over the phone, couldn't find a link yesterday. I got a pair of these insoles once with some Chelsea 5 boots that i ended up returning (which is how i knew they had them in the shop), and if i recall correctly they aren't anything too fancy. I just like that they're cut to the size and shape i want. I'll post pics when I get them.
same here, but i don't think i could have sized down any on length. i have a low volume foot/skinny ankles and the boot vamps touch when laced tight on one foot so i hit a limit on the snugness i can get from lacing. i just ordered an insole from C&J ($10) in New York which is cut to the right size for 325/335 last and i suspect that this will solve it.i find the 341 fits me best out of 325/335/341, all in the same size.
if it helps any, i wear an UK 8E on the 325, 335, and 341 lasts and a 9D in the plaza, and 8.5D/9C on trubalance.
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