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i didn't remember so i went back and looked at old posts, and the original specs Hoit posted were:Dundee Punch Cap Toe BootDark Brown CordovanAntique EdgingStorm WeltDouble Leather SoleDark Brown Eyelets & Speedhooks (a la Lindrick)335 (Rounded) LastPulltab
Just got my shipping confirmation for the dundees. Lauren sent some cell pics which aren't the best quality, but better than nothing. They look great.
got this update too, asked Lauren for a pic but haven't heard back. so glad these will be here in time for fall.
Crockett and jones grasmere. Would like some black derbies and like the scotch grain. Would wear mostly with black jeans or dark green/olive chinos.
not really the support per se, but the narrow waist and high heel cup is a big plus. i have a narrow heel/normal width forefoot and it just so happens this in one of the few alden shoe models/lasts that i can make work. although i didn't go out searching specifically for the modified, just had the chance to go into anatomica on my honeymoon a few years ago and got fitted and they had my size.
has c&j ever done an unlined cordovan boot?
after buying and selling many pair of aldens over the years i'm down to *only* four pair, two shoes and two boots. here is one of the shoes, unlined u-tip on modified from anatomica that i've posted before: my last post was me whining about being on a pre-order that i didn't really want anymore, which was the 6-eyelet chukka in tan country calf from AoC. lo and behold i caught a break as alden didn't include my pair in the order, probably because they didn't pass QC....
got those "pre-order (with deposit) i don't think i want anymore" blues
any sale codes for trunk clothiers?
also got the dundee email today. puts them in around mid to late september, just in time for fall. gonna be fun for the next 4 months to mentally cycle through "these are gonna be great!" -> "i hope they look like i think they'll look" -> "i hope they fit" -> jump back to step 1
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