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palace music - "new partner" also looking forward to hearing the new mount eerie soon.
thought i was solid enough on shoe care, but these scotch grain chukkas (c&j brecons) are proving a little tricky. i essentially treat them as a wet weather shoe, and it shows. all i've ever done is some reno and cream polish on them. I let them rest between wears and use trees. some issues: some lighter colored residue showing in creases and crevices between the grain (first pic). can't tell if the leather is just really dry or if i used too much reno last...
eyeballing the buttero ontano side-zip. having a hard time deciding if it's a little too artisinal SWD footwear for my tastes. i mostly wear jeans + ocbd (dadwear). would these be out of place? i've caught the side-zip bug after getting some luchesse side-zips.
Me too. Works great as a solo traveler. Too heavy to lug when traveling with the family though. Just bought some generic samsonite roller luggage at Ross for $100 for my checked luggage now. Carry on is a Master-piece potential backpack I got from NMWA.
Frank Leder pants from NMWA. Description says wider leg shape but measurements are limited.
C&J Dundee
this is really interesting to read, thanks for taking the time to clip out the discussion. i know personally, my interest in alden has dropped off sharply. some due to my evolving tastes but some due to alden. i didn't really want to post anything because guys in this thread have great experiences, but i'd like to vent a little bit. My last four attempted purchases in the past 2 years:- my pre-order size (C width) was not made, therefore not delivered. not even a shell...
don't want to undercut your GMTO, but if it falls through i'm probably going to be listing a pair soon from the last run (size UK 8E). Lightly worn but still in great shape.
someone sent a message saying they would do the BIN price on my listing if I could wait until the 24th (about a week after the listing ends) for payment. seems ok, guy has decent feedback, but am i missing some weird scam i'm not smart enough to recognize? obviously i won't ship until i get paid.
edit: moved, forgot there was an ebay thread
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