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It seems that I will be stuck in Marin. More space for other people!
Lest the deities of science intervene, I'm there.
Oopsie, quite late I've noticed this. But I will do my best to make it.
Thank you very much for the response. In my situation, should I take this to mean that I will have to find a local tailor to fix the cut of the original tailor (presumably at considerable cost)?
Hi there! I just have one question regarding my new suit, as I'm happy with the fit overall. I had the suit made by a (reputable) tailor in Singapore, with three muslin fittings while I was there. The suit was then completed without fittings in the final cloth and sent to me. I decided to try a single vent (for the first time), which may have been a poor choice (note that these aren't the suit pants, so no need to critique their fit. I will try to get better pictures...
Similar experience here. Not bad, great price, but nothing I'd rush to buy more of. In my experience fabric is inferior to Jantzen, at the same price. And fit obviously worse since it isn't made to my measurements. Don't have any pics, sorry. If you're dying for it I can try to take some.
Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum also, any ideas on how to reduce food costs? Old-fashioned oats.
Depends on your body composition and the type of running. If, as the above posters assume, you have a significant amount of body fat, then running might reduce your thigh size. If you don't ramp up your food intake correspondingly. I reckon that's the situation, since you wouldn't be asking the question if you had a bodybuilder physique. As for the type of running, long-distance running won't really cause muscle hypertrophy (and therefore not increase your thigh size)....
While reading this thread, I had to remind myself that I wasn't on 4chan.
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