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Thanks. I've got a blk dnm rider already and I'm looking for something thinner than that. I'm in the south so I'm looking for something to wear in spring and fall. As for $, less is always better but not opposed to blk dnm prices. Basically looking for a beater that I feel I see on most girls that fit well but can't find for guys.
Can anyone recommend me a light or thin dr? I'm looking for a slim fit, classic look but without the heavy flannel or quilting inside. Even think leather would be ok as long as it's not fake leather. Anyone had luck finding something like this?
Like new Ray-Ban RB8301 aviator sunglasses for sale. These have been worn but have been well taken care of. There are no scratches on the lenses or weakness in the joints. Price is paypal gift $140.00 $125.00 (4% more for non gift) or best offer. Feel free to ask questions or for more pics. Thanks
please leather weekender
Old TOJ MA-1?
Size 30 APC Petite Standards up for sale. They've been worn pretty heavily for about a year but never washed or soaked. You can see some wallet fades and whiskers in the pics. There is also some slight tearing inside the cuffs but nothing to worry about. This is a great pair of jeans to knock around or to dip your toes in the denim obsession.
Looking for a proxy also for some studhomme items.
Anyone know a good korean proxy? Looking to get some stuff from studehomme.
Anyone know of a good korea proxy? Apparently I've heard koreaproxy isn't so good anymore.....
They're about $800 and all lamb. I've got a size medium that I might be willing to part with if youre interested
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