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how do you do it? i got a hold of an old one..was told it was NEVER washed....its pretty wrinkly, and i want it to have an ironed new like in this photo thanks
Belstaff Roadmaster II Large, for 100$. Excellent condition
ok i got a large...and its perfect.. i also realized what i tried was a small...silly me...size 36..roadmaster II, made in england, with the guarantee still in the pocket. Barely used. if anybody wants one PM me
Quote: Originally Posted by teddieriley Sounds like the medium is too snug for you. At your size, you don't sound like an M in the jacket, which is more like an S. well its do-able as is, just won't have too much room to layer underneath. Ill see how it goes with large... in your experience, do they break in (or stretch) slightly? Thanks U
ill be trying a large tomorrow, which i will buy as well, so if anybody wants a large or medium (TBD which i will sell), send me a PM
ok so i bought it. we'll see if its the right move. Here is how it fits. Me being about 5'11.5 (lets call it 6), 167lbs, it fits tight. its slighty tight when i pull my arms forward, but not too much. The sleeves still stayed ok with my hands up, and it would not be too tight on a bike...but i feel it across my back. Conversly if i pull my shoulders back, i can feel my (amazing) pecs against it, but still not too uncomfortable. it is snug, no doubt about it I...
haha!!! the charm is in the it is in frequent servicing of finicky motorcycles....
ok im trying the medium tomorrow...if it fits ill post pics... there is also a large i might try...if both are available, one might be going for sale here hopefully the medium will be be ok.
any idea which model it is??? thanks all for your responses...amazing forum
thanks jsut to be clear, you think its cordura and not waxed cotton? cause im really going after the waxed cotton look... I heard re-proofing was easy... this guy is gonna part with it for less than 100$... so i guess ill take it. thanks
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