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Hi all, just ordered 2 of them, one is a 15.5 the other 16. I do have shirts at home that range from 15.5 to 16, with some 15 3/4. So is it fair to say that if the 16 is slightly to large, i can take it in a little? thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by MasterplayerC I'm 6ft, 135lbs, and 1RM back-squat 225. Gotta check my thigh measurement, but my point is: skinny dudes squat heavy too! Which NYC Daffy's has the best selection? (30ish waist). come on man, anybody squats that!!! no really, are you serious?
Quote: Originally Posted by Larson McCord based on this thread, the pants are made for those with no ass and no nuts. hahaha... i just realized this thread is pretty awesome...
im an athlete... i got a big ass, made for a 33-35, but my waist is 29-30....will this ever fit?
if you dont mind us asking... how much does such a sartorial adventure cost?
Hi all, Im not a huge connaisseur, but i dont see what the fuss is about? Can someone elaborate? It seems to be more of an American Thing....
Quote: Originally Posted by dave333 Currently a econ/math major at a good LAC (middlebury). Can lead to good places? excellent choice! can lead to anything
Sales and Trading is very nice.... you work not more than 10-12 hours a day, and make a ton of money
no sorry not even the MD, nobody the MD is the rainmaker, do you think he's going to wear that clown suit to close deals? yeah right... wear it. MS is a joke anyway
and for removing the stink? is Febreeze Antibacterial ok? i remember somebody mentionning it worked...its a damn old jacket...never been washed...just re-waxed...the smell is pungent...too pungent for a chap who will wear this with a suit sometimes.... otherwise its gonna be ozone cleaning....
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